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I have seen it …!

I have seen it…!

Have seen it? I have seenHave seen people change from close to…!

Those who spoke their grouse and their grouse. He crawled in his ears today.

This is not the case, they are all the same. This is the time, but it ‘s the time that I saw him rolling on his side, but what about the people?

Have seen it? Yes I’ve seen people change from close to only..!

I’ve seen the ocean waves go flames, but I’ve seen them bring something.

And that ‘s the look – out, or they’ ve even had the houses put it to ruin; sometimes there ‘s a lot you’ ve

You’ve seen it say…! In fact, we have seen everything speak in secret.

Have seen it? Yes Sir I did.. We’ve seen people, changed from close quarters…!

Have seen it? I have a seen u..!

You’re the drug to every merge. Now I’ve seen people change pretty much, sometimes my own self.

We’ve seen the show when it comes to work…! Ever heart, so ever have you seen jaan say

Have seen it? Yes

I have seen people changing very closely…!

I ‘ve often seen tears rolling down my eyes.

Have seen I have seen people, changing from close to..!

Have seen it? Yes,

I have seen people in flirt.

But he who has killed does not suffer the least amount of relief.

Have seen such a heart too..! But night sleep for those who do so

And have seen the day snatching also..!

Have seen it? And yes,

I ‘ve seen people getting bigger and bigger. When he is successful, he has even heard how to recite it.

But I ‘ve also seen the identity of the successful person disappearing..!


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