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Remembering love


We had not talked to each other from a very long haven’t utter or text a single word to each other.

But is it same in our thoughts, in our hearts, in our loneliness nights and sleeps full of dreams??

I doesn’t sure about u as it seems to me i had never understand u correctly, thats why only this phase came b/w us that we are behaving like strangers inspite of being best friends

But if i say of me i had missed u, ur talks ur smile every minute my all thoughts ends on thinking of u whether startd from somewherelse. I start my day by thinking about u with the hope that today you will be with me we will talk and smile together. But as the needles turns round my hope falls slowly and the sorrow and the sadness rise.

All the positive thoughts happiest memories fades away and aparting thoughts and pain of losing u revolves around the mind, thinking of every arguement and fight the night passes as the barrier is passing b/w us.


The mind has reached to extent, eyes became wet, eyelids are closing as eyes are tired of seeing black night, they want to see half circled moon but the sky is similar to my life full of darkness. So i closed my eyes and imagined about your beautiful smile to relax my eyes. With the image of urs in my mind and u in my heart i felt asleep.

The next day began when the sun shines above the horizon and the new hope rises above the reality.

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Rishabh Kushwaha