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An Odyssey to Ecstasy

Born in the month of lion

But she was far away from dandelion

Until she realised herself

That the ecstasy lies within herself

She didn’t have friends

She didn’t like friends

As she realised the hoax of so called friends

That didn’t mean she didn’t believe in Soulmate

She understood the meaning of love by RadhaKrishna’s Fate

Time passed by and she realised how to have power

Cuz she had to reach from bottom to the success tower

She didn’t do it for pretty appraises, watch or gift

She had to find a purpose of life to exist

She worked hard to become a dandelion

To prove herself that she is a Lion

Who doesn’t walk in herds

She made her own paths

And individually came First leaving behind all the psychopaths

Now she is all set to achieve her goal

Cuz she is not going to upset her soul

That is her odyssey to ecstasy

It’s still continuing and will continue to gain legacy

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