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Embracing the Wisdom of Time

In this journey of life, my friend, 

Do not tie your gaze to

fleeting sparks in the night sky. 

For they will fade like footprints on shifting sands. 

Instead, embrace the treasures that time bestows.


The humour that resides within your soul, 

will weather the storms 

and stand the test of years. 

With each passing day,

 it will grow and mature, 

A beacon of light in a world 

often shrouded in gloom.


 And let your intuition be your guide, 

Expanding like a majestic cloak of wisdom. 

Trust the whispers of your inner voice, 

For it will lead you on the path of truth.


Learn to choose your battles with the utmost care,

Fine-tuning your discernment to perfection. 

Not every fight is worth the energy expended, 

Save your strength for the battles that truly matter.


Discover the power of stillness, my friend, 

In the quiet moments, life indeed unfolds.

Learn to live in the present, fully immersed, 

And watch as the beauty of each moment unfolds.


Desire to live with enthusiasm and passion, 

Let it transcend all other wants and needs. 

Embrace the essence of every fleeting second, 

For life is but a tapestry of moments interwoven.


Nurture your instinct, your inner compass, 

To know what is worth your precious time. 

Let it spread like ripples on a tranquil pond.

Entwining your heart with what truly resonates.


So, my dear friend, don’t be enticed by looks, 

For they will change and fade forever. 

Focus on the unique essence that makes you, 

the invisible magnet that draws in other like-minded souls

to dance in your orbit.


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