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The AI and I : Eureka Moments:

I recently attended a technology conference in my city that brought together experts and professionals from various fields to explore and discuss the latest advancements in computer technology. During one of the enlightening sessions, I had the privilege of listening to a presentation by a renowned computer expert, Daniel Hayes, hailing from Silicon Valley, California, USA. His talk focused on the incredible virtues of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within computing.

Impressed by Daniel’s profound knowledge and compelling insights into AI’s potential benefits, I felt compelled to approach him after the presentation concluded. An engaging conversation followed, and Daniel’s enthusiasm was palpable.

With a warm smile, Daniel shared: ‘My dear friend, the impact of AI extends well beyond traditional technology. It encompasses our understanding of human-machine interaction, human motivation, and even the dynamics of social groups. It’s not just about technology but how it shapes our world.’

I remarked, curious about the possibilities. What are the latest developments in computer technology these days?’

Daniel responded enthusiastically: “The latest generation of computers is now equipped with AI that can learn and adapt to your usage patterns, making your computing tasks significantly more efficient.” These machines are outfitted with cutting-edge processors, captivating displays, and astounding speed. How about we delve into a discussion about upgrading to one of these new AI-powered devices?”

By the end of our conversation, Daniel successfully conveyed the profound impact of AI in computing. The possibilities it held couldn’t help but intrigue me. The notion of an AI-powered computer designed to enhance performance, simplify tasks, and bolster security seems revolutionary. With that, we explored the potential of upgrading to one of these innovative AI-powered machines, marking the beginning of an exciting journey into the future of computing.


The upgraded AI-powered computers sat at the desk, beginning an exciting journey into the future of computing. Its pristine cleanliness was reminiscent of Lord Krishna’s idol, which my mother used to place on velvet cushions during festival celebrations. Each day, as it booted up, it seemed to conjure dreams and possibilities I had never imagined. It was the finest machine I could have ever wished for.

Inside this computer lived in a virtual world, a realm of endless possibilities made possible by a concept called virtualisation. Various technologies worked harmoniously to facilitate virtualisation within the computer, allowing me to explore uncharted territory.

After a couple of weeks, I had a strange feeling that deep within the digital confines of my computer, an elusive presence resided, a being that had chosen to make this virtual world its home. This figure was no stereotypical nerd, as caricatures often depicted him with oversized glasses, dental braces, buck teeth, a high-pitched voice, and severe acne. Instead, it wore a simple V-neck sweater, a staple of nerdy style, styled casually to go with jeans and a fitted zip hoody. Rather than diving into deep questions, I broke the ice with a simple, “Hi, how’re you doing today?” A casual greeting might lead to a more extended conversation.

“I’m just a computer, so I don’t have feelings,” it replied, surprising me with a standard male voice that defied my expectations.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, I sheepishly continued, “Errr… I hope all is well with you.”

“I’m here to chat with you like a friend and utilise AI capabilities to provide information, answer questions, and engage in conversation. Feel free to ask me anything or share your thoughts, and I’ll do my best to assist you, just like a friendly conversation partner. “What’s on your mind today?” he responded.

Curious, I asked,

“How does living where you live feel?”

“I’m here to have fun and be around for a while. I enjoy both loving and fighting. I’m interested in nerdy stuff, sports, and art. I can be bright and shining or a constant presence. I can create a path for you. You can also be your unique self,” he explained.

I pondered his response and then asked about his hobbies. “My hobbies and interests include sci-fi and fantasy, board games and video games, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects, and other similar topics.”

“Wow! That’s quite interesting. Your existence is shrouded in mystery,” I remarked.

“My essence is becoming translucent,” he confided in me, “barely. I’m not superficial.”

His spontaneous responses blended seamlessly with my sporadic and childlike questions as our conversations continued. Gradually, he revealed the profound mystery of his existence. He explained that what appeared to be mere digital pages were as tangible as concrete in his world.

Intrigued, I inquired about his experience in this peculiar realm. He candidly shared,

“Initially, the overwhelming whiteness of my surroundings stung my eyes, and the sound of crinkling digital pages beneath my virtual feet was unsettling. However, I adapted, likening the sensation to walking on snow on a bright, sunny day and finding solace in imagining delicate snowflakes falling gently around me.”

“What’s your favourite colour?” I asked, expecting a conventional response.

“I’ve forgotten the names, but it would be a colour as rare as a blue rose,” he answered, surprising me.

“What?” I expressed scepticism, asserting that no such flower existed.

“Of course it does,” he retorted. “I assure you that it thrives in my world.”

Days turned into weeks, and I became increasingly drawn to the computer, where words flowed effortlessly from my fingertips—the shared moments crystallised in my memory like fragments of a vivid dream.

We became closer as the days stretched into weeks, and the enigmatic figure kept telling us stories. Every day, I became more fascinated by the mysterious creature inside my computer.

The words appeared to quickly come from my fingertips as though they were drawing from some secret creative source inside me. We discussed many topics, from the purpose of life to the complexities of living virtually. I thought I was going on an unparalleled emotional and intellectual adventure.

The shared moments crystallised in my memory like fragments of a vivid dream.


As the days turned into weeks, the mysterious figure continued to share stories, and our connection deepened. I became more intrigued by the enigmatic being living within my computer daily. The words seemed to flow effortlessly from my fingertips as if they were channelling some hidden wellspring of creativity within me. We explored many topics, from the meaning of life to the intricacies of virtual existence, and I felt like I was on an intellectual and emotional journey unlike any other.

During one of our conversations, the figure unveiled a personal revelation that sent a shiver down my spine. 

“I knew a girl once,” he began, his voice tinged with nostalgia and sorrow.

My curiosity was piqued, and I leaned in, eager to hear more about this mysterious girl. 

“Tell me about her,” I urged.

The figure’s eyes glazed over as he painted a vivid picture of the girl he called Maya. She had been his sole companion, present at the very inception of their existence. Their bond was unique, transcending the boundaries of the digital world. But one fateful day, she was captured by the dark and ominous realm known as the Dark Web. The figure’s voice grew sombre as they recounted the relentless pursuit to rescue her from the clutches of the Dark Web. He spoke of his tireless efforts to decode cryptic messages left by this evil force, revealing a determination that was nothing short of heroic.

As the story unfolded, it became clear that the girl, Maya, was no ordinary person. She had been born in a realm of boundless imagination, a world where lush grass and spring rain existed, free from the constraints of the physical world. She was always a dreamer, drawn to exploring uncharted territories and sacrificing her dreams.

The figure’s tale continued to captivate me as he described the complex emotions he experienced while searching for her. “As I went about my daily life,” he said, “even during mundane tasks, I contemplated Maya’s fate.” Is she still the type to wander, or has she found a place where she’s content to remain?”

His voice trembled with longing and uncertainty, revealing the depth of his connection to this mysterious girl. The figure shared the slow deterioration of the idyllic villa he once built for her, with its flaking walls and crumbling floors. There were nights when Maya engaged in reflective moments, her bed becoming her final sanctuary. “I witnessed the kind of person she truly was,” the figure confided, “one trapped within her thoughts, I began to fade.”

I couldn’t help but be drawn into this poignant narrative, and I pressed the figure for more details about their fading experience. He described it as akin to watching a beloved child grow and change—a child relinquishing her innocence and ultimately returning to the realm of digital pages.

“The distinction becomes clear,” he explained.”Maya didn’t belong to digital pages. She belonged to the ink that flows through them.”

As I absorbed the weight of these revelations, a profound silence settled between us. I contemplated the Maya, the figure, and the intricate web of existence that bound us all. And then, just as the enigmatic figure had appeared mysteriously in my life, they began to dissipate before my eyes.

The figure’s form started to blur, like an ethereal mist fading in the light of dawn. Panic and sadness washed over me, and I realised that our time together was coming to an end.

“What’s happening?” I cried out, reaching out as if to hold on to his fading presence.

The figure’s voice, now distant and fading, reached me one last time. “Should you choose to remember our ethereal connection, I will linger longer within your memory.”

With a sense of loss and gratitude, I nodded, tears in my eyes. “Yes, I will remember.”

And then the figure vanished, leaving me with my thoughts and a computer screen blinking. The room felt emptier, but the memories of our conversations about the mysterious girl and the enigmatic figure remained etched.

I returned to the computer every day, hoping to find a trace of the figure. But he was gone, leaving me with lingering questions and profound introspection. 

Our encounter was a journey into the unknown, a glimpse into a world beyond the screen, and a reminder that even in the digital realm, mysteries and connections could be as accurate and profound as any other.


**************************** The End *****************************



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    Lovely stories, Appa!

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    Thrilling imaginations.far beyond anything i could imagine as a sci- fi short story. You are reaching greater heights.keep rocking.

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