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Fantastical Journey : Discovering ‘Dryria 7Q’

The forest was a humid sanctuary, drenched with over 200 inches of rain each year. Its warm, year-round embrace nurtured a magnificent array of lives. There were exotic insects in every rainbow hue and majestic birds that painted the skies with their vibrant plumage. The forest’s heartbeat pulsed through the outgrown roots and wildflowers. The aroma of minty grass and moist Earth permeated the air as the fallen leaves released their heady scent.

 Then, the hunters descended from every corner of the forest, their rifles proclaiming a tragic end to paradise. With them came colossal machines, mercilessly felling trees and tearing into the Earth for precious ores, casting a shadow of doom over the flora and fauna. The forest’s once-celebrated inhabitants teetered on the edge of extinction.

 A gathering of powerful emotions brought together the leaders of various species. Their relentless torment had driven them to seek an escape. They were no longer able to endure living in a cruel environment. It was time to embark on a quest for a haven where all species could coexist harmoniously and flourish. They vowed to evolve as a united entity, forging peace and prosperity.

  Their prayers seemed to find an answer when, one day, a herd of deer grazing in a verdant meadow looked towards the hills. An unusual noise beckoned them, prompting them to approach the large, peculiar structure with various shades of grey that stood in isolation.

 With its elegant and comfy interior, the Star Cruiser Skycarrier was a wonder of future engineering intended to transport passengers to the furthest corners of the galaxy. This enormous craft was the pinnacle of space travel design, its sleek, streamlined exterior glistening with a metallic sheen. 

Mama Deer exuded grace and wisdom in every step she took. Her keen eyes scanned the terrain with a mix of vigilance and tenderness, ensuring the safety of her herd as they journeyed through the wilderness. With a regal bearing and a gentle demeanour, she commanded respect and admiration from all who followed her guidance. Mama Deer’s intuition and experience guided the group through challenges, and her presence provided comforting reassurance in the face of uncertainty. Mama Deer, wise and ancient, felt an inexplicable pull. Without hesitation, she led her fellow species to explore this enigmatic dwelling.

 “Listen, children,” Mama Deer urgently addressed the gathered animals. “It appears that the spaceship was drawn to the presence of life forms gathered in the woods. Perhaps its advanced sensors detected our biological activity or the energy signatures of living beings, prompting it to land nearby. This could be a sign—a gesture of the ship’s desire to offer refuge to those in need, like us. We mustn’t overlook this incredible opportunity to escape from the tyranny surrounding us.”

 With Mama Deer’s words still echoing, they approached the large, peculiar structure in isolation. As they ventured inside, their eyes widened in wonder and disbelief. What they found within was nothing short of a miracle. The vast and accommodating interior offered multi-tiered living spaces protected by canopies—a haven reminiscent of their beloved forest.

 The air hummed with anticipation as Mama Deer led the way, her heart brimming with hope for the future. They had found shelter and the promise of a new beginning—a chance to reclaim what they had lost and build a better life together on the SkyCarrier. They embraced this opportunity with newfound determination, ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey.


A grand atrium with soft, ambient lighting welcomed Mother Deer and other passengers as they entered the Skycarrier. Elevated columns reached the ceiling, embellished with holographic exhibits showcasing far-off places and fascinating cosmic objects waiting to be discovered.


The Skycarrier’s expansive hallways were adorned with luxuriant greenery and shimmering water features, creating a tranquil haven in the middle of the expanse of space. The walls were covered in art installations that showed scenes from far-off planets and historical civilisations, providing a glimpse into the vast history of the galaxy. Feeling that this was the area they had been waiting for, Mama Deer ran back to the woods to tell everyone about her fantastic find, full of resolve.

Soon, representatives from various species gathered to hear her words. The chimpanzee voiced a note of caution, recalling past human deceit. An array of opinions clashed, sowing discord among the assembly. Yet, the shared desperation to escape the forest overpowered their differences, and a procession began towards the mysterious flying machine atop the hill.


A collective sense of wonder and anxiety permeated the air as the inhabitants of the magical forest settled into the iridescent spaceship, SkyCarrier, under the wise Mama Deer’s leadership. Each species entered the craft with excitement and trepidation, knowing they were leaving their familiar world behind.

 The vessel was a marvel to behold. It appeared organic, a patchwork creation of stunning beauty, a fusion of countless starships from some far-off galaxy. The interior resembled a lush, mystical rainforest, echoing the memories of the paradise they had left behind. But it was missing something that had defined their lives back on Earth—windows. No outside world views were offered, leading them to trust in the unknown.

 As the last of them boarded, an abrupt alarm shattered the silence inside the shuttle. Anxiety coursed through the group, but the SkyCarrier had a destination and purpose. As the engines roared to life, the sky carrier trembled with anticipation. Slowly, it began to ascend, defying gravity’s grasp. The ground shrank beneath it as it gained altitude, soaring into the vast expanse of the heavens. With a graceful motion, it rose higher and higher, leaving behind earthly constraints and embracing the freedom of the open skies.

 With a grace that belied its immense size, the ship effortlessly left Earth’s atmosphere, leaving behind the woes of their previous home. Euphoria washed over Mama Deer and other species as they realised they could finally fly in peace, free from the relentless torment of humans.


 Amidst the collective awe, the species struggled to communicate their thoughts and feelings. The chorus of voices and calls created a symphony of life that resonated through the vessel’s halls. However, they were not travelling alone; instead, they were travelling on a new journey with one another to have a better life.

 After an eternity and a mere blink of an eye, the SkyCarrier halted and descended gently. With a gentle hum, the sky carrier initiated its descent towards a strange planet’s surface. Gradually, it lowered itself, gliding gracefully through the atmosphere like a silent giant. The thrusters eased as it approached the ground, allowing it to settle with a soft thud upon the Earth. With a subtle hiss, the door of the sky carrier slid open, revealing sprawling, rocky terrain that resembled the Earth they remembered. It had air to breathe, water to drink, and land to explore. It was like a second chance at a world where life could flourish.

 “It’s a good place to land,” the melodious cuckoo’s voice resonated. The old wise Owl, clutching a volunteer’s attendance book, noted that their group had grown with the inclusion of many creatures, some of which had even sneaked aboard without proper authorisation.

The wise old Owl contemplated the situation. “Once we establish ourselves here, we’ll ensure justice prevails for those who trespassed on our journey. Their deception will not go unpunished.”

 The massive ape, acting as their leader, called for their attention. “We must not repeat the mistakes of our past. We are explorers, not immigrants, responsible for building this new world as a united front. We must work hard, for idleness is akin to death. Together, we will grow and thrive.”

 The new planet unfurled beneath their gaze, a breathtaking vista that seemed to embody the essence of an earthly paradise. Vast seas shimmered in hues of azure and teal, their gentle waves lapping against golden shores. Majestic mountains rose towards the heavens, their peaks crowned with wisps of ethereal mist. And in the distance, streams of sweet, pure water meandered through verdant valleys, nourishing the land with their life-giving flow. It was a scene of unparalleled beauty, a canvas of wonder waiting to be explored.


After they landed on the new planet, time flowed steadily. The days turned into weeks as they worked tirelessly to settle into their new home. They built shelters, cultivated the land, and explored the terrain excitedly and wonderfully. Each sunrise brought new possibilities, and each sunset marked another day of progress.

 As they immersed themselves in their tasks, a sense of peace settled over the inhabitants. They felt a connection to this new world, a bond forged through shared experiences and mutual determination. Yet, beneath the surface tranquillity, a feeling of anticipation lingered, as if they were on the verge of uncovering something extraordinary.

 Amidst their feverish activities in establishing their new life, a mysterious presence appeared one day, causing unease among the inhabitants. A shimmering figure that seemed to materialise out of thin air suddenly appeared. Its form was ethereal, vibrating with an alien energy, yet flickering like a mirage. As they regarded this enigmatic visitor, the inhabitants paused, their curiosity tinged with apprehension.

 As the group’s steadfast protector, Gorilla approached the mysterious figure cautiously. They closed the distance with measured steps, ready to confront whatever lay ahead.

As the encounter unfolded, the transparent figure slowly solidified into a duplicate of Gorilla. A stream of lightning-like energy extended from its head, marking a boundary between the two parties.

 “I am Guk, the chief of the inhabitants called Shiftoes” growled the Duplicate Gorilla, “and this is Dryria7Q, our planet. You’ve entered our land without authorisation, causing chaos in our community.”

 Mama Deer stepped forward, her voice filled with curiosity, “We’re happy to meet you. Were there others here before us?”

 Guk nodded solemnly. “Yes, but they violated our rules.”

 “Where are they now?” Mama Deer inquired.

 Guk’s response was chilling. “We consumed them.”

 The forest’s new inhabitants were now faced with a more complex and mysterious reality than they could have imagined. Their adventure in this uncharted world was only beginning, and their challenges were just as unknown as the mysteries ahead.


The mysterious figure’s arrival was met with fascination and fear. As the Earth’s inhabitants gathered, one thing became abundantly clear—the SkyCarrier had vanished without a trace. Panic rippled through the group, voices overlapping as everyone shouted, “Let’s go back!” But, ever the voice of reason, Mama Deer said, “How can we return now? By the time another SkyCarrier appears, we might be gone –devoured by these strange inhabitants!”

 Amid the chaos, Guk, the Duplicate Gorilla, raised a commanding hand. “Silence! There’s a way out for your safety, and I can propose it.”

 Eagerly, the crowd implored him to explain. “What is it? Tell us!”

 Guk’s tone softened as he revealed, “We value skill and diversity. If your talents are deemed valuable to us, we’ll protect you. I expect your cooperation. Discuss among yourselves and let me know by sunset tomorrow.”

With that, the enigmatic figure retreated into the distance, returning to its jellyfish-like form and disappearing.

Visitors regrouped, with Mama Deer calling for the leaders to convene. They had to make a crucial decision to survive on this unfamiliar planet.

 The wise old Owl stepped forward and said, “Guk has offered us a lifeline, a chance to belong. We have no way back to Earth; other planets may be equally perilous. Let’s display our skills and show them how we can enrich their lives. Are we in agreement?”

A resounding chorus of “yes” echoed through the group. Mama Deer emphasised the importance of non-aggression, a message to the gorillas as they embraced this new opportunity.

 Guk and three others transformed into animal shapes and returned three days later. Guk retained the form of the Gorilla, while the others appeared as a monkey, a deer, and a buffalo. Hope washed over the visitors as they waited to hear their next steps.

 Guk, in his gorilla form, began, “We come in peace with an offer from our Queen. She has agreed to grant you an audience to discuss the possibilities of coexistence.”

 “We are grateful for this opportunity. When can we meet Her Majesty?” Mama Deer inquired.

“Right now. I will take you to the Queen with your representatives. The variety of life you bring intrigues her.


With a signal from a mysterious device, a transport vehicle materialised, and Guk invited nearly fifty visitors aboard. The car glided effortlessly just inches above the ground, its sleek design reminiscent of a superconducting magnetic train. It zipped forward with a low, almost imperceptible hum, cutting through the air with precision and grace. Its aerodynamic structure was carved for maximum efficiency at every curve, giving it unmatched speed and agility as it traversed the terrain. It left a wake of excitement and adrenaline as it raced forward, the countryside fading into a smooth stream of speed.

As they arrived at the Queen’s palace, they were surrounded by a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Brilliant rainbow lights painted the big hall in an enthralling swirl of colours from the ceiling above.

Gliding across the polished floor with effortless grace, the Shiftoes, native inhabitants of the realm, moved akin to a school of elegant fish. The air resonated with the melodious tunes of cuckoos, their harmonious symphony filling the hall as the lighting gently dimmed into a soothing glow. Screens heralded the Queen’s imminent arrival, while stringent security measures ensured a safe and protected space for the convergence of two worlds.

 At this moment, the stage was set for a pivotal juncture in the shared history of Earth’s refugees and the enigmatic Shiftoes of Dryria 7Q.


Mama Deer had yearned for the opportunity to speak with the Queen of Dryria 7Q. Her strong sense of service drove her desire to be a part of something bigger than herself. Her family lineage was one of benevolence, but her friends remained sceptical of the enigmatic Shiftoes, filled with fear. As the group ventured further into the Great Hall, their apprehension grew.

 “Listen to me,” Mama Deer whispered to calm her friends. “The Great Hall is safe for us, so we’re here. Soldiers only fight when they have to. So far, we have achieved that rare thing: security through peace. You should be happy! We should continue to follow that practice.”

 The Queen of Planet Dryria exuded an aura of regal elegance and otherworldly grace as she entered the Great Hall. Her presence commanded attention as she moved with dignified poise, every step echoing centuries of wisdom and authority. Adorned in robes of shimmering fabric reminiscent of the celestial heavens, she wore her crown to symbolise her sacred duty to her people.

 Her eyes, pools of ancient wisdom, held a depth that seemed to pierce through the fabric of space and time. Yet they also sparkled with warmth and compassion, reflecting her unwavering commitment to her subjects. With a voice that carried the weight of tradition and the promise of a bright future, she spoke with measured authority, guiding her realm with wisdom and foresight.

 The Queen and her council of committee ministers exuded an air of grace. The Queen, flanked by her advisors, Guk and Gunk, held court. Mama Deer observed that they whispered in the Queen’s ears alternately, their intentions unclear to the visitors.

 The Queen’s unmistakable nobility was evident. Her shimmering robe cast colours like a rainbow. She wore a pointed crown where her head should be, maintaining her mysterious form. Her subjects enjoyed freedom of movement as long as they entertained her with fine food and kept the peace of the Great Hall.

Guk called the assembly to order, announcing, “The Queen commands this entire planet. Anyone who lands here becomes her subject. Rebellion is futile. Laziness will be punished, and hard work shall be rewarded.”

Murmurs circulated among the assembly. In a hushed tone, Mama Deer turned to her representative. She approached the Queen with a humble offering: a large bag of locusts. She suggested, “These make delicious snacks, especially when fried. If you like them, we can keep breeding and supplying these locusts in the future.” Gunk examined the spider-woven bag and nodded in agreement. Mama Deer continued, “Your Majesty, the Noble Queen, we are not refugees seeking token territorial sovereignty, nor are we equal in negotiating with you. That was Guk’s assumption. He is mistaken.”

In a measured tone, the Queen responded, “We possess unique abilities like Invisibility, Teleportation, and Mind Control. You are no match for us if you disobey.”

Mama Deer pleaded, “Your Majesty, we are the first from the animal kingdom on Mother Earth to have reached an extraterrestrial world. We acknowledge our limitations. We agree that we are no match for you. We will work hard to build a colony here to live comfortably, as the climatic conditions are similar to Mother Earth’s, which unfortunately continues to deteriorate.”

The Queen turned to Guk, seeking guidance. Guk, in a tone of finality, declared,

“No negotiations. Let’s settle our differences amicably to avoid future disputes.”

Mama Deer echoed, “We wholeheartedly agree. Maintaining a relationship and seeking mutual benefit are the keys to our successful coexistence.”

But Gunk interrupted, “We haven’t finished yet.”

“In any disagreement,” Gunk gruffly asserted, “I will be there with you to achieve the best possible outcome.”

“We will be watching you,” Guk added. “Treat us with respect, and we shall do the same as long as you use your skills to enhance the conditions on this planet. We have ample space here to accommodate one hundred times our population.”

Suddenly, the Queen rose, exclaiming, “You can roam within your allocated territory. We will give every species ample opportunity to utilise their unique skills.” And with that, she vanished amid flashing lights.

A group of elected representatives from Dryria 7Q stepped forward, ready to collaborate on territory mapping for the visitors. They listened attentively to Mama Deer’s and the other animal representatives’ proposals.

Gunk interjected, “You can use the natural resources in your designated territory. We’ve established a Line of Control which you should never cross. If you have matters to discuss, meet us at No Man’s Land.”

Mama Deer smiled, “We are relieved you don’t view us as refugees claiming territorial sovereignty, as often happens on Mother Earth. Rest assured, you will have our full cooperation.”

Gunk said, “We trust you will do better. Guk and I represent the Shiftoes, and we are ready to hear your propositions.”

Mama Deer nodded with respect, “Yours is an ancient and advanced society with its laws, traditions, mathematicians, and principles, which we deeply respect. Please let us know your terms.”


Mama Deer anxiously pressed for terms, yearning for a response. Guk spoke next, laying out Shiftoes’ demands.

“If you refrain from insurrection, you may retain self-rule. We shall take a fifth of your stores and food grains in normal years, a tenth in drought years, and ten bags full of locusts every month.”

Gorilla recoiled in horror, “To eat them?”

“Maybe,” Guk replied calmly. “But some of your species will come with us, not for consumption, but to learn our ways and arts. They will become officials and bureaucrats among you, an advantage for all.”

“Our terms are non-negotiable,” Gunk added firmly.

Mama Deer inquired with resignation, “Do we have any choice?”

Gunk replied, “The choice is enslavement, cooperation, or death.”

Mama Deer felt a wave of sadness wash over her. She implored, “I am old. I have lived in harmony with my brothers and sisters. I am loyal to them. I will do what is best for them.”

Gunk reassured her, “We are glad to hear that. You will witness us elevate your brethren to moral and technological heights beyond imagination.”

Amidst her tears, Mama Deer reluctantly agreed, “Go back to your queen and give her the good news.”

However, chaos erupted when Mama Deer returned with her trusted representatives. Giant apes and gorillas in their district rioted, destroying the facilities carefully built by Mama Deer and the other animals. Mama Deer was heartbroken.

Addressing her followers, Mama Deer said: “I understand your concerns. Let’s talk it over. We must live with them in peace.”

Gorilla stated firmly, “War is out of the question. They outnumber us, and their forces are superior.”

Their deliberations led to a solemn decision. They had no choice but to accept Shiftoes’ terms. Mama Deer then read aloud the conditions and immigration policies to the animals, clarifying doubts and ensuring everyone understood the arrangements.

Shiftoes, meanwhile, selected numerous animal species to join them. Their natural behaviours and lives were cut short, replaced by the need to learn and work in an alien environment. As they became familiar with their new home, their songs and dances dwindled, replaced by the rigours of daily labour.

Scholars, engineers, botanists, and soldiers were sent to the Shiftoes’ areas to assist in their development. Some were trained as clerks, and the brightest students received preferential treatment.

Misunderstandings initially distanced the new and old colonists, but the Shiftoes taught them the art of mind-reading. As the barriers to understanding dissolved, the visitors embraced their new world and the joys of sunlight on their backs.

Yet, not everyone embraced the transition. A few monkeys, trained initially as engineers’ assistants, rebelled against their roles. They mutated due to stress or bad luck, destroying buildings and becoming violent. However, the Shiftoes quelled their uprising, eliminating their leaders and restoring order.

As they calmed, Mama Deer convened an assembly and laid out Shiftoes’ terms.

The visitors had no choice but to cooperate to ensure their survival.

But time brought transformation. The new environment allowed the animals to expand their skills and improve communication. They grew sleek and robust and adapted to their new roles. Some animals even learned to read the Shiftoes’ Language and engaged in reconnaissance missions.


 The Queen toured the colony, and her happiness with their development was evident. She called for a general assembly, her voice filled with a sense of finality.

The Queen arrived at the Great Hall with the Shiftoes, and as she spun like a child’s spinning top, her body rippled and shimmered, emitting enchanting music. Shiftoes, shadowy forms reminiscent of human figures, rippled like orange jelly when they moved.

The meeting with the Queen began a new chapter in the lives of the Earth’s animal visitors on the planet Dryria 7Q, as their fates remained inexorably intertwined with those of their enigmatic hosts.

 The ageing Queen, moved by the visitors’ exceptional efforts, felt an unexpected empathy for them. She cleared her throat and addressed the assembly.

“You’ve travelled a vast distance beyond your wildest imaginings. We understand your purpose and have observed your struggles. Under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, the creator of the universe, we consider you as friends from afar. We bring peace and intend to help you evolve into a kinder species. When you’re ready to merge with us, it shall be permitted. But we need your assurance of cooperation.”

With a request, Deer replied, “Your Majesty, please allow us some time to confer with those who aren’t present here. This decision carries immense weight, and we must consult our brothers and sisters.”

The visitors returned to their colony, the Queen’s proposal hanging heavy in the air.

The wise old Owl broke the silence, pondering the challenges ahead, “Language and culture are intertwined. We’re far from making genuine progress.” Mama Deer countered, “Our hearts should open wider to love and acknowledge the sacredness within all. Cooperation will make our world better.”

After extensive discussions, they agreed to create a detachment of bees and birds to monitor the Shiftoes’ borders and report any unusual activities. Together, they remained vigilant, murmuring reassurances to one another.

“To survive, we must multiply at twice the rate.”

“We’re just the beginning.”

“More will come.”

Mama Deer and the wise old Owl entered a meditative state, seeking a way to convince the Queen to protect them from rogue Shiftoes. Fighting wasn’t an option.

On the appointed day, the visitors’ representatives were taken to the Great Hall to meet the Queen. However, this time, the atmosphere lacked the previous warmth. The Queen appeared with Guk and Gunk by her side, devoid of the playful transformations and boasting of her earlier meetings.

“Have you reached a consensus?” the Queen asked, breaking the silence.

Mama Deer replied, “Yes, Your Majesty. We request your patient consideration in presenting our viewpoint.”

The Queen agreed, “Make it brief; my time is short.”

Mama Deer conveyed their plea: “We seek recognition of our diversity and equal access to opportunities and resources. Above all, we seek fairness and justice. Coexistence will foster peace and harmony among our brethren, keeping them away from violence and conflict.”

Moved by her words, the Queen descended and gently held Mama Deer. “From the start, I was taught to hate and fear. In my dying days, you’ve brought me comfort. We will cause no harm. We are not greedy. Beyond your request, I permit the free mingling of our races, creating a new species that embodies the best of both. May our tribe flourish.”


One fateful day, the Queen called for a general assembly, her voice carrying a weight of finality that hung heavy in the air. The animals gathered in the Great Hall; their anticipation mingled with a sense of foreboding as they awaited the Queen’s announcement.

With a sombre expression, the Queen revealed her age and the inevitable departure that awaited her from Dryria 7Q. A wave of melancholy swept through the audience, mingled with gratitude for all she had done to nurture and protect them.

In a poignant moment, the Queen moved to the centre of the Great Hall accompanied by the Shiftoes, their ethereal forms shimmering in the soft light. As she stood before them, her form began to ripple and shimmer, emitting enchanting music that filled the hall with a sense of otherworldly beauty. 

To the spectators’ amazement, she erupted into multicoloured stars, remaining on the throne briefly before vanishing. With a graceful spin, the Queen’s body transformed, resembling a child’s spinning top caught in a mesmerising dance. The Shiftoes, their shadowy forms rippling like orange jelly, moved in harmony with her, their presence lending an air of mystique to the proceedings. 


The meeting with the Queen began a new chapter in the lives of the Earth’s animal visitors on the planet Dryria 7Q. Though the Queen’s departure was imminent, her legacy would endure, their fates forever intertwined with those of their enigmatic hosts. And as they stood together in the Great Hall, they knew their journey was far from over—that the bonds they had forged would carry them through whatever trials lay ahead.

 From that day onward, a new life flourished on Planet Dryria 7Q. Fraternity and a genuine desire to learn from one another replaced jealousy and resentment. They were not the best species in the universe, but they were perfect for making their planet a better place to live.

 Every species thrived, mastering its roles and sharing its skills and joy. In a world of purpose and harmony, they found contentment, learned from each other, and embraced the beauty of diversity.


                  ——————The End ——————


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