Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

Beauty doesn’t know whom to believe…

She face always hatred

She face always ignorance

It’s not about her behaviour

It’s all about her facial looks

She has to face discrimination

No one can literally feel the same

In the school when she was young

She was left all alone

Things could have been a little different

If she had the same colour as everyone of her age.

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

Whoever met her just took advantage

Her innocence was just the name

She watched everything with eyes wide open

No one wanted her to actually stay

It always felt so lonely

How ignorant she must have felt

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

It’s not what it looks always

When girl friends were ignoring her

Then boys were only the one humane

But what happens in the next step

Is the story that’s still the same

The eyes are the only true sign

When you want to know the truth

They speak louder than the words

And shout out at your two ears

You know the differences in the eyes

When you live in the school space

The romanticism in one

And hatred and jealousy in other

That’s how I have grown up all this time

Blaming this face for my fate…

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

It’s so hurting at such times my friend…

I can’t talk to others….

Why is this the thinking?

Why can’t we all be the same?

Why I can’t have all that friendship when I deserved to have that as well…..

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

Just look how pitiful its to live

Everyone falls for the beautiful face

But no one sees the inner face….

How pathetic is this world

Discriminating in the skin colour

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

How harsh it is to live this way….

So many times I hated myself

This beauty has made me the slave

People think I am not suitable

Just they look and judge the face

Have never been too arrogant still am the most hated

I was the trophy for the boys

The bet that made them stand so high…

They say that they love me

But what’s the intention in their eyes…??

My boldness stood my side

And never let them to win the bait

Beauty doesn’t know whom to trust

It’s all just so fake

Beauty doesn’t know whom to believe

That’s why she has been her only true friend…..

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Sakshi Pawar