A thing called Love has lost within me

The writer arose when I lost me

Until now I have been wondering

Where were you when things were oppressive

I thought I lost you while talking about you

But you appeared again when things were not my way

I had to thank you for coming back

This is the only way I can speak and still hide

The worst part is, I can’t accept what I might

Until and unless I lost all my right

Still am standing shameless waiting for the pie in the sky

Still being so cruel on my ally

I feel apologetic for this side of my

Hurting mate the most and being so unjustified

Things could have been better if I remained unchanged

The trust would have been stronger if I had maintained

Am apologetic for the abandonment 

Still wondering how my love for you became so reluctant

The trust for me broke

The hatred is bearing the load 

Am still crying self accusing

The words are hard to speak

Am still waiting for you in the shade

Hoping we might end up creating the world we fantasized

Things will be polar and numbed

We might become out of strater

I might regret it and cradle to grave 

And this is what now my destiny orate!!!

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Sakshi Pawar