In search of peace, my mind does strive,

A struggle deep, to feel alive.

I yearn for calm, both day and night,

To quell this storm, find gentle light.

I know the path, what I must do,

Yet still, I’m lost, without a clue.

My heart and mind, they clash and fight,

In turmoil’s grip, they’re held too tight.

Though wisdom whispers in my ear,

I can’t break free from doubt and fear.

The disturbance spreads through heart and soul,

A reverberance beyond control.

Once tranquil mind, now lost in fray,

Begs for action to guide my way.

Yet I remain, unmoved and cold,

Ignoring calls from my own soul.

I ache to find that peace again,

To mend my soul, to heal the pain.

Yearning for my truest self,

I wait for action to bring me help.

But time ticks on, it won’t wait long,

I must take charge, admit I’m wrong.

To reclaim peace, I’ll find the strength,

And make a change, no matter the length.

For in my hands lies destiny,

To find the peace that’s meant for me.

Before it’s late, I’ll mend my fate,

Embrace my soul, and navigate.


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  1. It is sometimes truly difficult to get peace. Hope you get peace. Expressive writing.

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Sakshi Pawar