In the depths of my soul, two sides reside,

A constant battle, where emotions collide.

One wears a smile, dances in delight,

While the other weeps, shrouded in night.

The happy one seeks to connect and share,

Yet the sad side longs for solitude and air.

A struggle within, tearing me apart,

Peaceful coexistence, a distant art.

Depression cloaks the joyful in its embrace,

Allowing brief moments of laughter to grace.

Yet the happiness, too, harbors its fears,

Neglecting the sadness, drowning in tears.

Words struggle to escape my tormented core,

Love, once vivid, now a distant lore.

Negativity’s chains, tight and binding,

A fractured existence, forever reminding.

Lost in myself, a heart in shards,

Broken trust, shattered in courtyards.

Self-trust eroded, a foundation decayed,

Living with shadows, my soul betrayed.

Sleep eludes, hunger fades away,

Awaiting death’s call, night and day.

Longing for brevity, a life cut short,

To end this turmoil, find a tranquil port.

Yet guilt whispers, refusing peace,

A weighted heart, seeking release.

Apologetic echoes for deeds amiss,

Caught in a web of remorseful abyss.

Desiring friendship, yet fearing the bond,

Ruining love, a connection beyond.

Responsibility for actions heavy to bear,

Self-hatred’s burden, too much to wear.

Negativity’s storm, relentless and near,

Peace, satisfaction, elusive, unclear.

Longing for an end, a swift demise,

Yet guilt lingers, a haunting prize.

In the shadows, I yearn for release,

A plea for tranquility, a final peace.

Awaiting the afterlife, a path untold,

Where two conflicting selves can unfold.

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Sakshi Pawar