Amidst a circle of forgotten tones,

I waited for your message on my phone.

But disappointment struck my heart’s core,

For it wasn’t you—it hurt, I’m torn.

Each day and night, I yearned to hear,

Updates from you, my soul held dear.

You, unchanging, a constant embrace,

Through the passing years, a steady grace.

Time, a snail’s pace, crept silently by,

Days felt like ages, with every sigh.

Unaware, our bond stretched thin and wide,

The distance grew, our hearts divide.

You, indifferent to the hands that chime,

I, accepting, bide my time.

Years entwined, yet blind to the worth,

Stubborn you, and I, ever since birth.

How did we not see the years flit away?

Our love, once vibrant, now shades of gray.

Let’s cherish the moments that make us whole,

For love’s the essence that fuels the soul.

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Sakshi Pawar