In tresses spun of moonlight’s gleam,

Lies a tale of responsibilities unseen,

Long locks cascading, a solemn vow,

A burden carried upon each strand’s brow.

Silken strands, a tapestry’s art,

Woven by time, a world apart,

Each filament whispers secrets deep,

Of duties embraced, a promise to keep.

Like flowing rivers, they gracefully flow,

Whispering tales only the wise can know,

A weight they bear with graceful pride,

An emblem of strength they cannot hide.

For in their length, a story unfolds,

Of sacrifice and tales untold,

Bound to the winds, they dance and sway,

Each strand, a reminder of life’s foray.

They bear witness to the joys and fears,

Collected in their delicate years,

In their embrace, they hold dreams and fears,

A testament to life’s unyielding gears.

They carry the weight of a family’s care,

Embracing burdens, burdens hard to bear,

A crown of patience, a cloak of grace,

Long tresses mirror the challenges they face.

With each stroke, a mother’s love bestowed,

An armor woven, a sanctuary bestowed,

Guiding souls through life’s tempestuous tide,

In their embrace, love does reside.

Oh, long tresses, guardians of lore,

Symbol of strength, forevermore,

Unraveling the tapestry of their domain,

As they weave tales of love’s noble reign.

So let us cherish these strands, so long,

As they sing the hymn of the devoted throng,

For in their length, they bear the weight,

Of responsibilities, embraced with fate.

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Sakshi Pawar