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Advik Chauhan: The Basketball Coach and the Handsome Hunk

Scene 6

[We see a man in his early or mid-thirties with a well-built muscular body, wearing his track pants and gym jackets, instructing the students on the baseball court, and he looked like a hottie. Sweat drips from his forehead and hair. He is not too tall, not too short, and not too fair. But he has a command and creates an aura in the air. Girls drool over him, while the boys envy their coach and teacher].

Girl 1: (Fidgeting her hair) God took time to sculpt this flawless human figure.

Girl 2: (Looking straight at her coach) Our eyes seek pleasure when we see AD, Sir.

[Suddenly, AD blew the whistle loudly and stood near those girls talking secretively].

AD: (Hands on his hips and smirk on his lips) May I know what I am missing? It must be something more exciting than this class, which you find boring.

Girl 1: (Scared) No, AD, Sir, we were only discussing.

Girl 2: (Nervously nodding) Yes, yes, sir. We never meant to bother.

AD: (Smirked) Oh, that you can’t anymore because now you will not get bored.

Girl 1 and 2: (Confused) Meaning?

AD: Twenty laps of ground without any time wasting!

Girl 1 and Girl 2: (Shouts in Unison) Twenty?

AD: I will make it a forty if you do not start immediately.

[The depressed girls start running when Miss Ruya comes panting. AD looked worried, so he hurried].

AD: (Shouts and blows the whistle). Class, do take a two-minute break. (In mind) Ruya looked worried, and I guess she did not have any bad news to break.

[AD came running, and Ruya looked terrifying. Both move aside in a lonely area for the time being].

AD: What happened, Seer? What did you see, Fortuneteller? 

Ruya: (Frightened) I saw Him burning with full pride. He has a massive army by his side.

AD: (Confused) Please continue. It seems your vision has scared you.

Ruya: (Scared, but she sings) I see a sight most frightening, but morning today was much brightening. The sun shone brightly while my breakfast was heavy, and I came to school thinking I had nothing to worry about because the morning was making me happy. [Ruya had a flashback of what she had experienced since the morning. She smiled and hugged herself, but then her face became pale when she remembered everything]. But then Sitara came to me. She acted weird again in the class, you see. (She changed tone) She told me of the picture she drew, something scary, a forest and path traveled by the few. She was confused with everything happening, so I cheered her and said it was fine, darling. (Ruya pauses) Although I tried, she cried but then smiled before leaving teared-eyed.

AD: (Confused and sings) It all seems to be good. But that does not explain your foul mood. What happened after she had gone? (Changes tone) Is it a terrifying vision?

Ruya: (Scared) He was there on the pyre, burning from toe to hair, and there was an army that was cheering for him, and He walked down the path of the stream that was bloody in my dream. He was there on the pyre, and it was She, He Desired. Pride was there in his glamour, and He did not believe the fortune-teller. He had planned something bigger. But this time, none will He spare. Inside him was a burning fire that created his Hunger. (Ruya pauses again. She looked worried) Sitara seems to be in danger because He was there in the pyre burning from the toe to hair.

AD: (holding Ruya’s shoulder) OK, relax now. We will save Sitara somehow. 

Ruya: Do you think we inform the council?

AD: We will. But before that four of us should decide on that in the meeting. (Thinking for a while) What about this evening? 

Ruya: (Nods in the assertion) Fine with me. I will inform Laila, and you and Sahir, wait for us by the big banyan tree.

AD: (Scratching his chin) Do you think we tell Sitara everything? But is she ready for a life that is waiting?

Ruya: (Holding his Shoulder) She is a brave girl. This time we will neither fail nor will she let us fall.

AD: (Smiles). Thanks, Ruya. With you all, I know we can protect and support Sitara.

Ruya: (Sighs) I came to say only this thing. I must move now the Principal has arranged a meeting.

AD: (Smiles) Of course, you carry on. I will also resume class as my student is having too much fun (he said, looking at the chaotic ground where students were practicing. Ruya looked at that and smiled before moving). 

Scene 6

[We see AD sitting lonely on a rock inside a forest, which was not dense but a forest].

AD: (Aimlessly throws a stone at the lake inside the forest. He sings) Advik Chauhan, my name. But for my family, I am a shame. I am the lone wolf none can tame and a big failure in the people-pleasing game. (Standing up and changing tone) But I do not care, and none, I fear, I can run faster and be fiercer, and those who try to stop me, I give them the lesson they remember forever. (Changing the tone again) But if I believe Ruya, a grave danger lurks over Sitara. But do not worry, dear, your teachers are here. We are your mentor, the protector of our savior.

[AD frustratedly throws a stone into the water when he hears a burst of laughter. He turns around to find Sahir standing there].

AD: (Smirking) What is so funny, dear?

Sahir: (Smiling) Advik Chauhan looks frustrated, man!

AD: (Sighing) I am worried because I fear, Sitara is in danger.

Sahir: (Stumbled on the rock and hit his head hard. AD came running to hold him while Sahir stood up and rubbed his forehead). Danger? Fear? Advik, you fulfill the void of my big bro. Please tell me whatever you know.

AD: (Affectionately caressed his hair) Relax, and listen to me carefully. We will protect her and keep her safe, no matter what, trust me.

Sahir: (hugging AD) I trust you with my life, Advik. My trust is not that bleak. But it is my Sitara, my niece.

AD: She will be fine, have peace.


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