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An Introduction to the Quadrant

Scene 22

[After having her encounter with Bela, two days have passed, but things have not changed for Ruya. She is now lying on her bed with her arm on her forehead].

Sitara: (Angry) No, this will not help me. Everyone betrayed me, and now they think they will say a simple “Sorry,” and I will accept their apology. (Started walking inside the room) Sixteen years have been a lie. I do not even know how my parents died. (Now sitting on the bed) Maybe Chachu has some answers. But I will never ask anything, never. (Scratching her head) What to do, Sitara? (Snapping her fingers) Idea! He is not at home now. So I can search his room, and if he catches me, I will make an excuse somehow.

[Sitara gets up and quickly moves towards the stairs without fear. She went to the small attic room on the terrace, which alone stands there. Sitara opened the door and entered the room that looked stuffy. It was small, hot, dirty, and messy].

Sitara: How did Chachu live in this stuffy, dirty place for sixteen years? I am already feeling suffocating, and he endured it for years? (Pausing) Sitara, you are here for work and don’t feel sorry for that man because he kept you in the dark. (Saying this, she started searching and soon ended up with an envelope, where it was written Confidential). Confidential! Hmmm, you found the right thing, girl! Now, let me read it. I think it will help me to get an answer to all this shit!

[Saying this, she took the letter and went outside quickly. Soon, she found a corner and sat comfortably].

Sitara: Now let me read this letter. (Saying this, he pulled out a parchment paper). Pretty unique, especially the color. Wait, is it changing? Correct, it is transforming. From red to blue to beige, it is. (Shaking her head) I am currently shrouded with only questions and mysteries. Okay, let me read it (Saying this, she concentrated on reading).

The Letter

The HALLA Headquarter is forming a Special Quadrant for this operation headed by Advik Chauhan, considering the gravity of the situation. The fierce and competent General, we believe, can protect the girl. The lone Beowulf is without a herd but an intelligent officer and a nerd. His power and knowledge are our strength. We know, for this operation, he can go to any length. He will save the little star and will make everything favorable for her. 

Ruya Chatterjee, the Seer, is a motherly figure. We believe her powers will protect our little star. She is gentle and kind. Sitara will find her whenever she has a question in her mind. Her predictions will help the Quadrant to make the correct decisions.

Although, late, we believe that Miss Laila is the most competent. Thus, we appoint her as a part of this Special Quadrant. She will ensure the safety of Sitara, and whenever Sitara is in danger, she will find Miss Laila. Miss Laila, the vampire, is invincible, and defeating her is impossible. Thus, this Special Quadrant is the most capable.

Finally, the Special Quadrant consists of the Mantrik or the Wizard Sahir Rockwood, the only family of our Blue Star, Sitara. He must provide the needed support to Advik, Ruya, and Laila. (There has been a scratch, and with an asterisk, a name is there for the match). He must ensure Sitara’s safety and that Sitara becomes a part of us to fight Tamas, per the prophecy. Failing to do so will have dire consequences for Sahir Rockwood. Thus, he must dedicate himself to doing what he should.

[Sitara was astonished reading the letter. When she looked up, she found Sahir in front of her].

Sitara: (Gulping and standing up) What are you doing here?

Sahir: (Calmly) Give me the letter.

Sitara: (Quietly handing him the letter) Did Miss Laila join later? (Sahir nodded) Then why is she mentioned before you? 

Sahir: (Sighed) Because per the position, they are all senior to me, what to do.

Sitara: So, am I Sitara Rockwood?

Sahir: No, you are Sitara Seth, not Rockwood.

Sitara: I am confused.

Sahir: (Hesitantly) I use my mother’s name. There is nothing more to create mayhem.

Sitara: I am not creating one. I am just enquiring more because I still do not know what needs to be done. But I must say that your headquarters treats you badly.

Sahir: (Smiling Softly) What makes you think that, sweetie?

Sitara: They haven’t mentioned one single nice word to describe you. Reading the letter it seemed it is what you must do.

Sahir: (Sitting and gesturing Sitara to sit beside him) They were right. Protecting you was the only thing I must do, and that was and is my only fight. I must not allow you to go away from my sight.

Sitara: Still, they could have praised you a bit.

Sahir: I have you for it. (Listening to this, Sitara became quiet). I am sorry, Sitara, for lying to you. Protecting you from the brutal truth about your parents is what I wanted to do. I never had the intention to break your heart. For my actions, I suffered a lot. But please, Sitara, please don’t stop talking to me. (Taking Sitara’s hand) I promise that I will not force you into anything you hate bitterly. If you want to remain in this world and live the life of a regular teenage girl, I will not force you to come at all. It is your happiness that matters to me, and not the fact that you are Blue Fairy. So, if you don’t want to be our savior, I won’t force you ever. You don’t have to be our messiah. Just be happy, Sitara.

Sitara: (After some moment) I am sorry, Chachu, you suffered a lot for me. That room where you stay is so hot and stuffy. Not even the letter appreciates you with words that are lovely. Even I misunderstood you gravely. You four sacrificed your life, family, and identity only for me. But I talked to you rudely. (Sahir wanted to say something) No, Chachu, I cannot be this selfish. You haven’t taught me to be like this. (Standing up) I learned from you to be brave and selfless (Sahir stood up), and that is what I will be now, not a delicate but a warrior princess. (Sahir smiled and hugged her tightly. Sitara, too, did the same while she was all teary).

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