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Chetan Singhania

Scene 20

[We see a big mansion with fancy lights and a massive chandelier. The furniture was royal, and the aesthetic touch was clear. The ivory round table in the center with tusk work depicts glamour and royalty. The man, ascending the stairs in golden sherwani and a crooked smile, resonating elegance and aristocracy. Yes, this man was Chetan. For some reason, he was having fun. He moved towards his self-portrait, which boasts arrogantly. A unicorn he had killed, and he was celebrating the victory triumphantly. Beside the portrait was a small yet elegant ottoman. On it was a wooden piece with a sharp end, a diary, and a pen. After a while came a young child around ten].

Chetan: (Turned around when he heard footsteps). Hey, Jeet, what happened to your feet?

Jeet: It is nothing. I just twisted my ankle this morning.

Chetan: (Smiling) You will be fine, darling. (He said and caressed the boy’s hair. The boy looked all scared). Why do you look afraid, dear? I am a good person, so never fear (The boy timidly nodded). Good boy. Now go, play with your toy.

Jeet: (Timidly) Guruji?

Chetan: Yes, sweetie.

Jeet: Why should I be a complete wolf, Guruji? I can be what I am, can’t I?

Chetan: You need to belong somewhere, Jeet. Otherwise, your family will disown you, considering you unfit.

Jeet: (Looking down) But I feel bad being stripped down! 

Chetan: (Caressing his forehead) Oh, dear, think about the Kings who have walked on the thorns to wear that precious crown.

Jeet: My family will be happy with me if I do what you say.

Chetan: (Triumphantly smiling day) Any day. But you remain silent about our rituals to them. Otherwise, it is not me, but it will be you who they will blame. (Jeet again nodded timidly and went away limping).

Chetan: Poor boy. Why they can’t do things I say without fear and protests, their lives will be filled with joy. (Sighing) But that is OK because I have become used to it. They will never understand how their Guruji is helping them to become fit.

[Suddenly, Chetan’s skin started showing bruises. After a while, it increases. Chetan starts looking for something frantically. Now he picked up the diary and the wooden piece lying beside it. Chetan picked up the wooden piece, cut his skin, dipped the sharp end of the wood in blood, and started writing. After a while, Chetan stopped, but blood from his hand kept flowing]. 

Chetan: (Breaking from the trance, cried) Ahh! What a man! Cruel, brutal, narcissist, and a bloody demon! But I am sold to him forever. After all, he and I have one thing in common, our love for power. Once Tamas ascends the throne, I will be the Prime Minister, from a mere Council Member. Now let me see what he had to say to me. (Saying this, Chetan picked up the diary and read it). So, he called for a meeting today again, I see. I must, then, hurry. (Saying this, he left the room, keeping the wooden piece and the diary on the ottoman. Soon the other pen, lying there, transformed into a man. We see the man. It was Sahir, but he did not stand still. He quickly glanced at the diary and vanished immediately].

Scene 21

[Sahir and Advik were standing inside the forest].

AD: So, what was there in the diary, that you saw before teleporting?

Sahir: A riddle, I think.

AD: You think?

Sahir: It goes this way: The cursed immortal soldier met a bitter mate while crossing the jungle with his ill fate. But the old man played his game, and the three joined hands to become playmates.

AD: Sahir, you have a photographic memory. (Smirked) I think you have decoded it already.

Sahir: (Smirking) Why don’t you use this butter on your toast daily?

AD: (Laughing heartily) But seriously (Getting serious) What does this mean? I mean, something that Chetan can decode, but not me?

Sahir: Chetan is a Humburg, a bustard, a good-for-nothing.

AD: You are pretty appreciating. I must know what he has done to receive so much love from you, darling.

Sahir: Leave that and start with your pep talk. I know, from here, I will not have an easy walk.

AD: (Sitting on a rock and pausing for some time) Do you want me to call Headmistress? Do you want her to talk to your princess?

Sahir: (Sat on another rock, opposite AD) I am not sure, Advik. Sitara hasn’t spoken to me ever since.

AD: (Smiles) You know this age. Sahir, you hardly rationalize things in your teenage. By the way, did you find any answer to where Chetan could have kept the Patthar Dil?

Sahir: (Nodded) No, it can be anywhere because the man who can kill a unicorn is a devil!

AD: Before sending Bela, we have to interrogate her. Let us see if we can have something in favor.

Sahir: (Standing) Alright then. Bye, for now, I will meet you again.

AD: Sahir, wait, I am not done yet. (Sahir stopped) Sahir, I know you are unwilling to do anything Sitara does not agree to. But tell her everything, and this is something you must do. 

Sahir: (Surprised) Everything?

AD: You will tell her that if you deny taking her back, her decision can inflict you with immense pain. She won’t see you again.

Sahir: (Shouted) Advik, please stop it! She is a child and won’t be able to bear all this a bit.

AD: But hiding her the truth won’t be the right thing. (Clutching Sahir’s shoulders) Listen, Sahir, I have endured enough pain and will tolerate some more again. I will bear with your loss, no matter what, and wash away my tears in the rain. But I will do that only if you tell everything to Sitara. (Leaving him) Now I must go and attend Ruya.

Sahir: (Pleadingly) Advik, please, don’t do this to me!

AD: Sahir, can you tell me why is it always me? Even for you, Sahir, I am not your family.

Sahir: How can you say such a thing? To me, you and Sitara are everything. 

AD: Oh really! That is why you are giving Sitara more priority!

Sahir: (Making AD sit on a rock while he kneels in front of him) Listen, Advik, it is not about envy. If you think you can beat Tamas with talent, you are making a mistake already. You must have passion, a passion that will ensure equal dedication. If Sitara does not dislike Tamas, do you think she will understand us? Our operation will make no sense to her. How will she be our savior?

AD: Tamas killed her mother and father!

Sahir: Revenge will not give justice to us! It will give rise to another Tamas!

[AD remained quiet for some time].

AD: What will happen to you?

Sahir: (Hugging AD) You are there for me. What will happen to me? (AD hugged him back while tears rolled down his eyes). 

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