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Dristhi: The Mother: The Seer

Scene 12

[A woman in her early sixties was sitting near the window and watching the rain. She took a deep breath and walked towards her bed, and her back pain increased again. She looked at her bedside table and saw an ancient pocket watch lying. She remembered when her father bestowed her with this watch and the gift that made her famous one morning. A tear droplet caressed her face when suddenly, the door opened, and she saw her daughter coming. She was none other than Ruya, the Seer. She had a frown, but she wiped it off when she looked at her mother].

Ruya: So, how are you today, Mother? Or were you troubled by Dristhi, The Seer?

Dristhi: (Weakly smiles) The Seer in me has long slept. Giving me curses, I have not even dreamt!

Ruya: (Wrapping her hand around her mother’s neck) Please, Ma! Don’t say such things, Na!

Dristhi: But I have committed sins against the innocent, Ruya. 

Ruya: (Removing her hand) No, Ma, you did nothing. It was fate that was not favoring.

Dristhi: I punished someone who suffered the ills of our community, and none I could blame except me.

Ruya: (Looking away) Maybe that person grew stronger. It improved him for the better.

Dristhi: Oh, Ruya, now at least you accept my fault, dear.

Ruya: (Facing her mother) Now is not the time, Ma. You know we are all worried about Sitara.

Dristhi: (looking worried) Can you bring me anything that contacted Tamas recently?

Ruya: No, (Worried) but I saw something disturbing today, and since then, my thoughts have been troubling me.

Dristhi: (Pulling Ruya to her and letting her sit beside her) Tell me, dear, what did you see?

Ruya: (Fidgeting with her dupatta) I saw AD inside the jungle, and someone was behind him. That person had a crooked smile, which was clear in my dream. (Clutching her hair) Then it was a blur, and there was blood, it seemed. (Turning to Dristhi) Ma, why have my dreams become so blurry and hazy?

Dristhi: (Softly) It has happened to me, too, sweetie. Sometimes evil forces block your vision for a minute or so. But do not worry, dear, with time you will learn more and it will go.

Ruya: (Sighs) I hope so.

[Suddenly, the bell rang, and Ruya got up to open the door while Dristhi looked outside the window again. Outside the door was standing Sahir, all drenched in the rain].

Ruya: (Shocked) Sahir, are you mad? How did you get drenched this bad?

Sahir: (Sheepishly smiling) Can I come in?

Ruya: (Hitting her forehead) Come in, and I will get you some hot tea, or do you prefer some Gin?

Sahir: (Stumbling and then standing) Give me a towel for now. I will manage somehow.

Ruya: Right! I am coming in a minute while you sit tight!

[Ruya went and came back with a towel quickly. She handed the towel to Sahir, who thanked her wholeheartedly. Sahir dried himself with the towel and then looked at Ruya worriedly].

Ruya: (tensed) You want to share something with me? (Sahir nodded) OK, go on, and tell me.

Sahir: (After hesitating for a while) Well, Advik met with an accident this evening. The attack was sudden and frightening. Sitara spotted him all drenched in blood, and I must say, it was perfect timing. (Sighing) I would have lost my mate if I had been a bit late.

Ruya: (Bewildered and shocked) My vision, though blurry, was true. (Holding Sahir’s hand) AD was saved only because of you.

Sahir: (Confused) You had seen a vision? A blurry one?

Ruya: (Sitting on a couch) Yes, it was not clear, but this man with a crooked smile was having all the fun.

Sahir: Was it Chetan?

Ruya: (Shocked. She turned and looked towards Sahir), Who said this to you?

Sahir: Advik suspected like you.

Ruya: (Confused) I am not very sure about the man. But yes, it can be Chetan. But isn’t he a family?

Sahir: (Sighing) Well, you know things as it is. Moreover, Chetan is his distant maternal uncle, and you know things between them are not very simple.

Ruya: (After thinking for a while) I guess he is not wrong in thinking that way. When will you be leaving to spy on him, on which day?

Sahir: (Smirked) Ruya, you are a superbly intelligent Seer.

Ruya: (Smiles) I know that, dear. Now tell me, what should I do for you here?

Sahir: I need one favor.

Ruya: To look after Sitara and AD until he gets better.

Sahir: (Smirks) That you will do anyway. But I have something else to say.

Ruya: What is it, dear?

Sahir: (Waving at her), Come here.

[Sahir pulled out a small ear stud with a bit of mud. Ruya took it in her hand and wiped off the mud, bringing out the tiny diamond, which had a tint of red, as if washed in blood].

Ruya: Does this belong to Chetan? (Sahir nodded in affirmation). My powers have limitations. So, I will ask Ma to see beyond and tell me if the item has anything to contribute to our operation. 

[The mention of Dristhi made Sahir uncomfortable, but he did not say anything. He nodded and agreed to everything].

Ruya: (finding Sahir’s discomfort, changed the subject) Where did you find this stud?

Sahir: I was cleaning Advik’s clothes when I found this sticking to Advik’s torn T-shirt.

Ruya: Ok. (There prevailed a silence between them for a while. After a while) Do you want to meet Ma? (She looked hopeful).

Sahir: (Hesitantly) I would have loved to, but at home is Sitara. I am long gone, and Sitara is all alone. I should rush there quickly. Otherwise, she will worry for me.

Ruya: (Nodded) Right, how foolish of me. You should rush now and be with her. She is the one who is now prone to all dangers. Do not worry, dear. I will take care of everything here.

Sahir: (Holding Ruya’s hand) Thank you, Ruya, for everything you did for us and Sitara. (Pausing) I have dropped a mail on behalf of Advik to the principal. I told her he would remain absent for a few days and be available only on the call. I did the same for me. I will not be here for a day or two, you see.

Ruya: (nodded) Got it, and you do not worry. I will take care of Sitara in your absence quite diligently.

Sahir: (Sincerely) I know that, Ruya. I know you all are always there for Sitara.

[Saying this, Sahir left the room and the house quickly. Meanwhile, Dristhi came behind Ruya and stood silently. Ruya turned and was shocked to see her mother. Dristhi did not say a word and brought her hand forward before her daughter. Ruya understood the meaning. She placed the ear stud without saying anything. The moment Dristhi touched the stud, her eyeballs started rolling, and she started moaning. The eyeballs vanished, and the white part was only visible to Ruya, who looked tensed while standing. After a while, the eyeballs came to their place, but all blood had vanished from Dristhi’s face. She took the support of a chair and sat slowly. Ruya looked at her eagerly].

Ruya: (Tensed) What did you see, Ma?

Dristhi: (looking at her daughter) Danger lurks over Sitara. He has the Patthar Dil. Inside the core forest resides the devil! 


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