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Miss Laila: The Music Teacher

Scene 7

[AD and Sahir were talking when suddenly the animals in the forest started running. The men did not look bothered at all. But AD excused himself to make a call. After a while, a red gown came floating. Adorning it was a fair, beautiful woman in her early thirties while looking stunning].

Sahir: (Looking at AD and then coughing) Miss Laila, we are waiting for Ruya!

Laila: Did I ask something?

Sahir: (Twisting his leg and falling. After that, on his feet, standing and panting) No, but I thought of informing.

Laila: (With a plain face) You stumble without warning. Anyways, where is your like-your-brother? I do not see Ruya either.

Sahir: Advik is on a call. Ruya is behind you, observing us all.

[Laila looks behind her and finds Ruya smiling. Meanwhile, Advik came running].

AD: (Panting) Sorry, everyone, for spoiling your fun. But Ruya had a vision that created tension.

Laila: (Sitting on a rock and again with a plain face) Is it He who is here?

Sahir: (Tensed) Is Sitara in danger?

Ruya: (Walking a bit far and then looking at everyone) I think it’s time she learns the truth from us because if someone else tells her, she will create a fuss.

Sahir: (Sighing and sitting on another rock) But I thought we had one more year.

AD: (leaning on a tree) It seems to me Tamas is getting ready without fear. All set to shed enough tears.

[There was a pin-drop silence everywhere. Sahir looked up to the sky and tried not to cry. AD threw another stone into the water. Laila did not look bothered, while Ruya looked calmer].

Ruya: (Calmly) Sahir, tonight we will come to meet her. You ensure that none is there.

Sahir: (Standing up) Yeah, for sure, dear (Saying this, he vanishes from there).

AD: (Coming near the girls) Alright, see you later (Saying this, he walks away from there).

[Laila has only one plain expression all this while, seeing that Ruya smiles].

Ruya: (Sitting beside her) What do you hide from us?

Laila: (looking straight towards her) Why, on this issue, do you make such a fuss?

Ruya: (Holding her shoulder) Because I know that trouble you, dear.

Laila: (First time showing anger. Moving away from Ruya a bit far) Do not dare to see my tears. (Calming a bit) I fear I will not be able to share it with you ever.

Ruya: (Sighing) After working for almost fourteen years, can’t I be your secret sharer? 

Laila: (Smirking) After being with you for almost sixteen years, your brother cannot call you sister, and you want me to be your secret sharer?

Ruya: (Her eyes became red with anger. On her eyes, there were droplets of tears) Laila, don’t you dare to cross limits, dear, because you have no idea about my anger. (Sighing and standing up) I was wrong to console you. Heartless women like you are very few. (Saying this to her, she went wiping her tears).

Laila: (Taking a deep breath) Oh, dear, Ruya, this heart has bore pain beyond your comprehension. So, heartless, I became so that none dare to break it again; No, I do not have that intention.

Scene 8

[We see a house from where a beam of light is coming. Near the window, a lady figure is standing. As far as we know, it was her shadow. The shadow moved a bit before the tune of the violin hit. The darkness of the night shrouded the whole place, but the lady played her violin with grace].

Laila: (With tears in her eyes, sings) None knows my tears, my despair, my past haunts me like damned spirits, and my pain has crossed all its limiiiiiiitsssss! (Laila stops playing the violin. Now on her face, there is a grin) There was a man with whom a love story began. From a girl, I became a woman, but one day he ran, and all told me that he was never your mannnnnnnn! Ohhhh! Ohooooooo! (Now she changed the chord, and the beat became a bit faster, and she sings further) But my heart tells me it’s all wrong. He is still the hero of my song, suffering for a long, waiting for me on the land filled with thorns, bleeding, and knows one day I will know that what they told me was wrooooong! (She paused and panted. She looked confused and devasted) I see him every day, passing my way, with a smile on his face looking very gay, but does he remember anything, anywayyyyyyy? Yeheyeheye! (She stops playing the violin) None knows my tears (Pause and sobs), my despair (She sobs further and harder).

[Laila wiped her tears and stood up from there. She stumbled but did not care. She went near the table removed the coaster covering a glass drank the red liquid, and felt better. She sighed and sat on the chair. She leaned back and closed her eyes, and on her face fell her beautiful hair].

Laila: (Clutching her hair) Why? Why? Why? Unless I have my answers, I won’t cry. (Standing up and walking) I will dig deeper and look everywhere. The truth will not be far. I know I am this close to my answer, and for the answer, I can go to any extent I do not care. Good and bad does not matter to me. Truth is what I seek. This truth is what I want to see. I choose friends gladly, but that does not mean I cannot leave them easily. Ties, bonds, love (she shouts), ALL FAKE, and these things I do not deserve. (She takes a deep breath) They care for the danger that lurks over Sitara. But the answers to an unknown riddle are desired by Miss Laila. {The Grandfather clock in the room struck 9} The clock struck 9. I guess today everything will be fine. 

[Saying this, she looked outside the window and saw, without her knowledge, it started raining. So, towards the umbrella, she started walking. She grabbed her umbrella and walked towards the door to meet Sitara].

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