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Miss Ruya: The Student Counselor

Scene 4

[Sahir came out of the Principal’s room and found Sitara standing near the door with her head down and a frown. Sahir smiled affectionately and hugged her tightly].

Sitara: (Sobbing) I am sorry, Chachu.

Sahir: Well, you have nothing to do. The world does not accept those who choose a path less traveled and meant for the few. (Lifting her chin and wiping her tears) But I must say your sketch reflects an idea that is brand new.

Sitara: (Walking away from Sahir) I swear, Chachu, I was not under control when I drew. I was dreaming or living the dream, it seems. 

Sahir: (Worried) Well, do not worry much about dreams.

Sitara: (Everything around her vanishes, and she stands inside that goth, scary forest. She starts to sing) It was more than a dream. (She took Sahir by the hand and near a red river) There was a stream filled with blood, and there was mud (she pointed to the muddy river), and there was blood making the flood (The bloody water washed their feet and started rising and reaching their waist). You see, it was not a dream. I feel the stream, the blood, and the mud, how can I call it a dreaaaaaammmm!

Sahir: (Continuing the song) Agree, there was a stream filled with blood, mud, and a flood, but you know, bud, scary dreams can freak out even a stud, so why not call it a dreaaaaaammmm?

Sitara: (Song) Because I feel the road that was mushy, I see the moon that was bloody, I feel the blood that was dripping, and the scene (she shivers and twirls inside that ghastly scary forest) was terrifying. Please, Chachu, believe me, I am not lying (She paused and looked around). I was never dreaming. I WAS LIVING.

[The song ends. Sahir came and held her shoulders affectionately].

Sahir: OK, I believe you. You were not dreaming, and those scenes were terrifying.

Sitara: Indeed they were, and I am not lying.

Sahir: (Thinks for a while) Why don’t you seek your counselor’s help, darling?

Sitara: (Seems to like the suggestion) Oh, yeah! That’s right. I can get help from Miss Ruya!

Sahir: OK then, I have a class to attend. Bye, see ya!

Scene 5

[We see Sitara standing in front of a room with a nameplate, where, in golden words, it is written, Miss Ruya Chatterjee, Student Counselor. Sitara knocked on the door. A voice from inside said, Come In. Sitara pushed the door and entered. On the big, black, velvety chair was a woman in her early or mid-thirties. She had big round glasses and beautiful and artistically crafted black eyes. Her eyes have both sincerity and mischief. Her stature, however, is motherly. But what is striking is the mole on her forehead. It was not very large but distinguishable. As soon as Sitara entered, Miss Ruya looked up].

Ruya: (Smiling) Hi Sitara, how are you doing?

Sitara: (Grumply) Bad, living the worst morning.

Ruya: (She said, pointing at the chain in front) What happened, another of your mood swings?

Sitara: (Sitting) No, my art class had a horrible ending. I drew something scary, but none believed I was not in control when I was drawing.

Ruya: (Playing with her pen) Interesting and Intriguing. Carry on, darling.

Sitara: I tried explaining, I wanted to draw the vase on the table, but my mind started wandering, and I started envisioning scary things.

Ruya: Visioning?

Sitara: No living. It was more real than reality.

Ruya: (Scratching her chin) Can I have the drawing, sweetie?

Sitara: It is with Miss Neha, and you can ask her, but be careful because she hated it as it was scary.

Ruya: (Laughing) Oh, don’t worry, dearie, I always do my work carefully. Is there anything more that I am missing?

Sitara: (Pausing for a while and singing) Why am I this lonely? Why isn’t there a playmate for me? I run faster than others, smell faraway matters, see things that give shivers, and break things from afar. Do you think I have a disorder and do not belong to the world with an order? Do I not belong here? (Frustratedly, she stands up and holds her head. She twirls angrily). Where do I belong? Why am I always wrong? Please, tell me, why am I always wrong? Always wrong! (saying this, she starts crying and stops the song).

[Ruya came near and hugged her. She stroked her hair and helped her to sit on the chair].

Ruya: (Now she sings) Listen, my dear, the world, too, is not a complete sphere, do not always go for fitting in the square because god made everyone different from the other, which makes the world more beautiful than ever, so, forget all fear, you are our dear, be happy, and don’t care because this world, too, is not a complete sphere.

[Sitara got emotional and hugged her. She cried, letting all her tears flow from her eyes].

Ruya: (Patting her) Shhhh! Don’t cry, you are a brave girl, and one day, you will shine like the Blue Star in the sky.

Sitara: (Smiling) You talk like my Chachu, Miss Ruya, you see. But thank you for listening to me. 

Ruya: I am always there for you, my dearie. Now, off to your class, sweetie.

Sitara: (Standing up) Bye, Miss Ruya. See Ya.

[Sitara left, and Miss Ruya worriedly sat on her chair. She started playing with her hair and slowly touched the mole on her forehead while her hands caressed the drawing paper. Now, she closed her eyes. After a moment, she opened her eyes. She looked frightened as if she had witnessed a ghost or a demon in disguise].

Ruya: (Sings) What do I see? Is it He? No, no, how can that be? (She worriedly looked at the audience). But I am Seer, the fortune-teller, the woman with a vision from the past and the future, and I know true these visions are (She looked frightened) Is He near? Do we need to fear? Oh, no, is She in danger? (She stops singing. She thinks for a while). I need to inform AD immediately. 

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