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Ruya is Ill

Scene 19

[AD came running towards Ruya, who was about to fall to the ground. Laila took hold of Bela, who tried to make a sound].

AD: (Holding her tight) She is burning with a fever! I wonder what vision she had here?

Laila: Take her to my place and sprinkle water on her face. It may bring her consciousness. If it does not, we have before us one more challenging phase.

AD: We have to call Sahir somehow now.

Laila: Do not look at me that way. I am not again going to that weirdo’s house anyway.

AD: Please, Laila. We need to save Ruya.

Laila: What about Bela?

AD: (Holding Ruya in her arms) Let her be your guest. We can later decide her fate. Now, let us leave this forest. 

[Laila and AD leave the forest with unconscious Ruya and prisoner Bela].

Scene 20

[We see unconscious Ruya lying on a bed. AD placed a wet cloth on her forehead. Bela is tied and lying on the floor. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door].

AD: (Opening the door) Thank god, Sahir, you are here. Ruya is burning with a high fever.

Laila: (Entering with Sahir) Why thank god when I bring him here?

Sahir: (Smirking) Thanks, Laila. (Looking at AD) Where is Ruya?

AD: (Taking her to Ruya) Here she is? Can you recognize the disease?

Sahir: (Touching Ruya’s forehead and checking pulse) No disease it is. (Looking at AD) Laila told me Ruya had a vision. I think that has a connection. (He then looks at Bela) Who is she?

Laila: That’s Bela, someone like me. Tamas sent her to harm Sitara. It is she whose past was seen by Ruya.

Sahir: (Standing up and looking at Laila) I must use your kitchen.

Laila: Go straight and right then.

[Sahir went to the kitchen while Laila moved to Bela].

Laila: (Kneeling before Bela) AD, we must take her to the Council immediately.

Bela: (Smiles Sarcastically) You think the Council, a servant to the Andherapati, would take steps against me?

AD: (Placing the wet cloth on Ruya’s forehead) Council includes more people than Chetan. He is not the only man. But we will decide that later. First, we must concentrate and see that she gets better.

[Sahir comes into the room with a cup in his hand].

Sahir: (Sitting beside Ruya and massaging the oil in her hand) This may bring down the temperature, but if it does not, we may give Salem a call to bring down the fever.

AD: (Looking at Sahir) Is it essential to call Salem? It can create mayhem.

Sahir: (Took another hand) But if we don’t, and something happens, whom do you think Salem will blame? He has in his power, name, and fame. (Pauses) Moreover, he is her father. He must know whatever happens to his daughter.

[Sahir’s words created an uncomfortable atmosphere. Laila and AD looked at each other. Sahir did his work diligently and silently].

AD: (Putting his hand on Ruya’s forehead) A lot cooler. Maybe she is feeling better.

Sahir: (Massaging the oil on her feet) I can’t vouch for that unless she becomes conscious again. If that does not happen, our hard work goes in vain.

[Suddenly, Ruya started moving].

Ruya: (Moaning) It is Him. My Dream. It is all about Him.

AD: (Caressing her) Ruya, how do you feel? Relax and try to take a rest if you are still very ill.

Ruya: (Opening her eyes and seeing around her) Sahir, what are you doing here?

AD: (Caressing her) I called him because you were burning with fever.

[Ruya tried to get up)

Sahir: (Stops him) No, you are weak enough. If something happens, recovering will be tough.

Ruya: (Weakly) Thanks again for taking all the pain.

Sahir: (Sadly smiles) Thanks is an excellent word, Ruya. (Looking away) Now I will go and check on Sitara.

Laila: Yeah, you must because there can be many like Bela.

Sahir: Right you are, and (Looking at AD) please call Maya. Ruya needs constant attention. Maya can help in this situation. I will go home, prepare and send some potions. Feed her those until Maya comes.

AD: Very well, sweetie (Hugging Sahir). I will ask Maya to come immediately.

Sahir: Excellent step, Advik. You take care of yourself, or you will become sick. 

Ruya: It is with Him. I saw it in my dream!

[Everyone turned to Ruya].

Bela: (Hysterically laughing) This time, he got you all! Be ready for your fall!

Laila: (Slapping her hard) And you shut up, girl!

Bela: (Again laughing madly) Before dawn arrives, the darkness shall prevail forever, and you will know not what to do! He will finish you! Mark my words, four of you. It will come true! (Saying this, she again broke into hysteric laughter of hers).

AD: (Ignoring Bela, he went near Ruya) What did you see there?

Ruya: (Breathing heavily) He has the Patthar Dil. To be precise, it is with Chetan and not with that Devil.

Sahir: That is not possible. I mean, how can that be? (Then remembering something) But then it came again, and there must be some mystery behind it.

Laila: (Curiously looking at Sahir) What’s the matter here?

Sahir: Sitara was reading our fairytale book that day. She slept, and I took the book, I found the story of the Patthar Dil had made its way. But the edition is new. Oh my god, how did I forget to tell you?

AD: (Looking worried) The signs are bad. If Tamas had the Patthar Dil, which he has, then we do not have much reason to be glad.

Laila: We must talk to the Council in this matter. We cannot make decisions here. (Looking at Sahir) We lack sensible people among us. Thus, we must get ready in a different way to fight Tamas.

AD: (Looking at Laila) Let me think about it, Laila. Until then, you take care of Bela. (Turning to Ruya) And you, you will take only rest, Ruya. (Ruya nodded weakly. AD turned to Sahir swiftly) You go home and rest. In the evening, meet me in the forest. (He came closer to Sahir) I know you love Sitara. But this is not just about her, you, me, Laila, and Ruya. The danger is far worse than ever. So, be sensible, dear. 

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