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Sitara and Sahir: The Weirdos

Scene 1

[We see a classroom full of young boys and girls in uniforms. All had opened their art copies and were sketching something. Oh, it is the vase placed before the teacher’s desk while the teacher had a tour of the room. She came near a bench, and her eyes stopped at the artwork. It was beautiful but dangerous. A forest, a dense forest, was there. The trees’ trunks intertwined with each other to form a deadly canopy and a fire burning in the rain. There were wolves, hounds, and demons upside down, hanging from the tree. Blood rolled down from the forehead of these demons, making things all scary. The roads were mushy, the ambiance was stormy, and the moon was bloody].

Teacher: (Scared and Angry) Where is the vase?

[Now we see the girl with messy long plates, eyes filled with curiosity, but there was fear in her gaze. After all, she did not follow the rest and now trouble be her guest].

Teacher: (Shouted) Sitara, I am asking you something. Where is your sketch on the vase that the entire class is drawing?

Sitara: (looking at her copy, shocked) Ma’am, I do not know what happened. I had a vision. No, it was more than that. I was in the forest, walking down the path. There were hounds, demons, and all. They scared me, but I knew I was not gonna fall.

Teacher: (Smirking) Nice story, darling. Tell this to the Principal, and let her judge things. (Turning to the class) Maintain silence until I return. If you talk and make noise, you will be gone.

[Saying this, the teacher left the room with Sitara. The teacher walked in the front, followed by poor Sitara].

Sitara: (faces the audience. Everything around her becomes black. She starts to sing) This is me! The weirdo, the troublemaker, the naughty spoiled beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (She runs forward and backward, facing the audience. Now she twirls). I land up in accidents without any predicament. They say I am mischievous, while my acts make things suspicious, I break things precious, while they say I am dubious. (Sitara swirls around dancing while singing. Now she pauses and again starts singing). But I try my best to be like the rest, yet I am different, and I dunno why my god is taking my tesssssssttttttt! (She again pauses. Now she smiles a little) You see, for the world, I am a weirdo, the troublemaker, and the naughty spoiled beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, but my Chachu calls me Blue Star and says that I am the Blue Fairieeeeeee! (She claps and dances joyfully) So, I do not care what the world calls me because I know I am the Blue Fairieeeeeee! (Now she changes the tune and sings) Sitara is my name. I do not care about any fame. I hate playing the blame game. I live life without any shame. Remember, I am a Blue Fairy, and Sitara is my Name! (She jumps in the air, lands, and bows in style to the audience, and things around her become normal. We see her standing near the Principal’s Office with her teacher).

Teacher: Come in now. We do not have the entire day for you, dear.

Scene 2

[Now we are inside the Principal’s Office. The Principal is a skinny woman with salt-and-pepper hair coming to her shoulders, which she tied into a bun. Her face shows signs of wrinkles and no sign of a smile. She looked at the diagram with a scared expression and wiped the sweat droplets on her forehead].

Principal: What nonsense is this?

Sitara: It was not under my control, believe me, miss!

Principal: (Shouts) Stop lying. It is not the first time that you are not listening. Before, you have been disobedient, breaking the rules, and crying.

Sitara: (In mind) I am not crying. I am just saying.

Principal: Call her guardian! Oh, god, I have to do this twice a week for this little freaky minion. 

Scene 3

[We see a man in his early thirties. Nervous, sitting on a chair, tapping his feet continuously. He tried biting his nails. But he fails. The stern look on the Principal’s face reminds him to ask for god’s mercy and grace].

Principal: Can you explain why your niece cannot let us live in peace? (The man looked at the Principal and ran his fingers through his messy hair once and for all). Mr. Sahir Rajput, for your niece, the school may be nothing but a place to be indisciplined and have fun. But again, I found her doing mischief, and, the entire day, she stood under the sun. 

Sahir: (Looking at the sketch) But, ma’am, it is just a drawing. I agree that it is a bit terrifying. But it is beautiful. Why does this anger the teachers in this school?


Sahir: (Falling from the chair and standing up but getting hit by the edge of the massive table in the room) Ouch! Ouch (rubbing his forehead), I understand the reason for your anger!

Principal: And what do you intend to do, dear?

Sahir: (smiles foolishly) I will talk to her. Never fear.

Principal: Like you were doing for the past few years?

Sahir: (scratching his hair) This time, I will maintain my stature (stumbling and standing with the help of his chair) and be strict with her.

Principal: Good for her then, because if you fail, she had to complete fifty laps in the rain.

Sahir: But you said under the sun.

Principal: (smirking) Well, this time, I will have the fun. She troubled me enough. Now, my creative punishments will give her patches rough.

Sahir: Please do not make things tough. I promise I will explain and she will not repeat this, Again.

Principal: If she does, remember the fifty laps in the rain.

Sahir: I will not forget that ever again. Now, I want to return to my class and resume my teaching.

Principal: Oh, yes, you have been a teacher at this school since its beginning.

Sahir: So, may I–

Principal: (Again engrossing in her work) Oh yeah, bye!

[Sahir sighed and moved out of the room].

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