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Sitara is All Alone!

Scene 29

[After Dristhi was gone, immense darkness and silence inside the room resembled an island, forlorn. After a while, slowly, the skulls lightened, and Sitara looked less frightened. But she was no more in Sahir’s embrace. The hands holding her were unknown, so she slowly looked up and saw their face. It was Harshad and Zoya. They were protecting Sitara].

Sitara: (Coming out of their embrace) Where is Chachu? Chachu, where are you?

Ommin: Sitara, you heard Dristhi. Before dying, she warned us about the future danger, you see.

Sitara: (Now saw Maya crying) Dristhi, means that lady?

Maya: (Wiping her tears) Yes, Sitara, she is our mother and one of the greatest Seers.

Ommin: Listen, Sitara, Headmistress, and the Quadrant had to leave urgently. You stay here with Harshad, Maya, and Zoya, and we will meet you frequently.

Sitara: “We” means you, AD Sir, Miss Ruya, Miss Laila, and Chachu.

Maya: (Knelt before her and held her hand) Sitara, Ommin means he, Harshad, and Zoya. The Special Quadrant has to work for the Council at the moment. And you, baby, you have to control your sentiments.

Sitara: They will come back to me?

Ommin: Only if you act like a big lady. Also, after a week, you will be at the academy.

Sitara: Will I go alone there?

Zoya: Never fear. We will accompany you, dear.

Ommin: Now we have to leave. (Looking at Meenakshi, Mayuri, Nisha, and Khalid) You guys come because we have to hurry. And you have to attend the academy.

Meenakshi: (Tightly hugged Sitara) Only a week, and then we will meet and celebrate. Then we will be friends and classmates.

Sitara: (Crying) What kind of birthday has such an ending?

Mayuri: (Side-hugging) The birthday of a savior, darling!

[Sitara’s eyes were all tearey].

Sitara: Be safe, and wait for me! (Mayuri and Meenakshi hugged her). I will meet you quickly. (Meenakshi and Mayuri nodded and left with others].

Zoya: (Came forward) Sahir left you this (She handed her a locket). He knew you would need this.

Sitara: (Opened the heart of the locket and saw a picture of a man and a woman) Are they my mother and father?

Harshad: Yes, they are. (Sitara wiped her tears) Listen, you must go home now, Sitara. You stay there with Zoya. (He gave Sitara a spinner), Keep this spinner with you. When in danger, spin it thrice, and we will be there for you.

Zoya: Ok, Sitara, let’s go. We need to rest a bit, you know.

Scene 30

[It is Sitara’s bedroom, and lying there is Sitara and Zoya].

Sitara: Zoya, how come I couldn’t feel anything when Chachu left the party?

Zoya: Because he teleported, honey. That’s common for a wizard or a mantrik. It’s nothing unique.

Sitara: He took all with him?

Zoya: No, I guess, only Ruya because for werewolves and vampires, teleporting is something that we cannot imagine, even in our dreams.

Sitara: So, how have AD Sir and Miss Laila gone?

Zoya: Oh, Laila changed herself into her bat form!

Sitara: And AD, Sir?

Zoya: Oh, he has a speed that everyone fears! Any more questions, dear?

Sitara: Can you tell me about the stars? Our textbooks tell us they are enormous balls of deadly gas and helium.

Zoya: Of course, they are while they do exist for a millennium.

Sitara: Then who am I?

Zoya: You are a fairy.

Sitara: And a star?

Zoya: (Nodded) A Blue Star.

Sitara: (Sitting up) This is all so confusing. 

Zoya: (Also sitting up) Listen, Sitara, the stars you have read in your science book are Real but non-living. Stars like you are living. You are born once in a five-hundred-year and live for around a thousand years. You are not lucky enough to embrace death like a good old friend, but after a thousand years, you could return to the Fairy Palace, from where you have come, and stay as the brightest Blue Star forever.

Sitara: So, does everyone have a very long lifespan here?

Zoya: Not everyone. For example, the mantriks or the wizards have the lifespan of a human living here. On the other hand, we werewolves live for around three hundred years. The vampires have already beaten death, at least most, and thus, you can destroy them only through proper chants and in the fire.

Sitara: (After remaining quiet for a moment) Zoya, can I ask you one more thing?

Zoya: Of course, anything!

Sitara: What is a Patthar Dil?

Zoya: (Remains silent for a while) A curse that attracts evil. It helps in creating a devil! Or you can say it gives more power to the devil!

Sitara: I do not get it.

Zoya: It is a long story, but I can narrate it.

Sitara: (Excited) Then please do it. I want to hear it.

Scene 31

[It is the core of the dark forest, similar to Sitara’s drawing. The trees’ trunks intertwined with each other to form a deadly canopy and a fire burning in the rain. There were wolves, hounds, and demons upside down, hanging from the tree, and they were in immense pain. Blood rolled down from the forehead of these demons, making things all scary. The roads were mushy, the ambiance was stormy, and the moon was bloody. There sat Tamas in front of a pyre. Robin was helping him to the fire. Suddenly, there is a change in the color of the fire. It becomes green and dazzled, and the brightness increases and becomes brighter and brighter. Tamas bowed the pyre and passed his hand through the fire. His hand burned and burned, but Tamas did not wince in pain. He endured the pain, but suddenly there was rain. But no, the fire did not subside but remained the same. After a while, the fire started taking form, and it was the sight of the most beautiful woman on Earth, and no doubt it was Green Fairy. Tamas folded hands in front of the lady]. 

Green Fairy: (Giving an Evil Smile) I am impressed by your dedication. You have a passion to fulfill your intention. Thus, witnessing this bloody moon, I ask you to tell me what you want as a boon.

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