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Sitara is Angry

Scene 15

[Ruya, Laila, Advik, and Sahir were inside a forest. In front of them stands Sitara, their guest. Sahir, first looked at Advik, then at Ruya, and then at Laila. He then looked at Sitara. Sitara looked at everyone. She was experiencing all emotions except fun].

Advik: (moving a step forward) We must tell you something; things that are part of your life and your being.

Sitara: Sir, you sound so scaring.

Ruya: (Came near and caressed her. She hugged her and then patted her cheeks) Listen, darling. Whatever happens, whatever your heart says, listen to us carefully without questioning. We know you will have many questions for us. We will answer them all if you promise not to make a fuss.

Sitara: I do not know, Miss Ruya, what are you talking about, but I will try not to freak out.

Advik: (Taking a deep breath) OK, Sitara, come here dear (Sitara moves towards Advik). Sitara, this world where you live and survive beyond that world lies another world, you see. A world full of unknown creatures, magic, and fantasy. 

Sitara: (Smirking) You are not telling me that there is a Harry Potter in me.

Ruya: (Serious) Sitara, we know it is hard to believe, but you are a Star!

[There was a long silence for a few moments as if thunder had struck them at present. Sitara stood still for some time like a doll. She gave a glance to all].

Sitara: Tell me this is a prank.

Laila: Do you think, with you, we are that frank?

Sitara: But all this does not make any sense to me.

Advik: (Holding Sitara by her shoulders) Listen to us carefully. (Sings) Sixteen years ago, a guy named Tamas waged war against all of us. It was a deadly war that killed the mass. But your parents stood bravely in front of Tamas. Sixteen years ago, a guy named Tamas waged war against all of us. But Mohini and Sahr, your parents, did not bow their heads in front of Tamas. (Changing the tone) You were just a few months, baby. Sahir, who was only sixteen, left with you silently. He crossed the rivers and the forests and landed here wounded and defeated. Tamas kept searching for you then, while Sahir sheltered you in the sun and the rain. Finally, he found a family, thankfully greedy, sheltered you in exchange for a gold guinea. 

Sitara: (Sings) I do not understand a thing. What are you saying? 

Ruya: (Coming near her and singing) Sitara, we know all this is quite baffling, but we all love you, darling. You are our sunshine. We are happy as long as you are fine. Our deeds were unforgivable, but the truth was brutal and terrible. Sitara, Oh, Sitara! We all love you, dear Sitara! Oh, Sitara! Sixteen years agoooo, Tamas took all we love in a go. You lost your family, and we lost our identity. Sitara! Oh, Sitara! We all love you, dear Sitara!

Sitara: (Sings) Why did you lose your identity, Miss Ruya? If you love your dear Sitara, speak the truth, Miss Ruya!

Laila: (Sings in a rough tone) Listen, Sitara, you are no princess, and I do not like to have any more stress, nor do I try to impress you, your highness. So, listen to me carefully. You are Sitara, the Blue Star, or the Blue Fairy. Now listen carefully to this Prophecy. (Changes tone and make it more intense, filled with suspense) Sixteen years later, Tamas will again rise in power to end what he had started, but you all do not worry because he will be defeated. The Blue Fairy, with her army, will stand against him fiercely while fighting him bravely to be the savior of the entire COMMUNITY!!!!!! (Pauses for a while, and there was pin-drop silence everywhere. After some time, Laila speaks). So, Sitara, you see, you are not just Blue Star or Fairy. You can save an entire community. It is a crucial Prophecy made by the Seer Dristhi. 

Sitara: Who is Dristhi?

Ruya: She is my mother, you see.

Sitara: So, to sum up, my parents were murdered, and Chachu brought me here, where he found a greedy family. (After thinking) Who are they, whom I call my parents, and what do they mean to me? 

Advik: (Sincerely) They are the ones to shelter you here. First, they gave Sahir shelter for a few days in exchange for a guinea, then our Council sent me here, and I took over the matter. We made the family, YOUR family, where Sahir and you can stay undercover. At that time, a new school was opening. I asked the Council to help us so that we could keep on hiding. Let us not go into detail about how the Council supported us. Only know that both worlds are connected with each other without creating any fuss. Finally, with the help of the Council, we both got the job in school as the Coach, and Sahir, as the Biology Teacher. Laila and Ruya joined us later.

Sitara: (With tears in her eyes) So, my family is not my family, they are the people, who are greedy, and they accepted me because they needed money?

Ruya: (With her Sorry face) We are sorry, honey.

Sitara: (Angry) Sorry, one sorry, will remove all the pain you caused me. It will vanish away the helplessness I am going through, losing my identity. “A Sorry” is what you have for me? After sixteen long years, you tell me my entire existence was standing on a lie and expect I will accept everything coolly. (Turning to Sahir) But they were not family. But you meant the world to me. You taught me to love myself. You were my guardian angel. You were my world, my family. Why did you do this to me? Why did you remain silent for so long? Where did I go wrong? What was my fault that you are punishing me this way? Have I been disobedient to you for a single day?

Sahir: (helplessly) Sitara, I only tried to protect you. The story of Tamash and my brother and sister-in-law dying in the war would have affected you. I wanted you to grow up with some beautiful memories. Adulthood is there to make your life hell with miseries.

Sitara: (With rage) You did it to save your savior, not your niece. I am a meat piece who will slaughter herself, help your community, and bring peace.

Sahir: (hugging Sitara) No, Sitara, that is not true. Believe your Chachu!

Sitara: (pulling the hug forcefully, Sahir fell on the ground, and a rock hit him badly). You are no more, my Chachu.

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