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Sitara is Suspecting

Scene 13

[Sitara looked outside the window while waiting for his Chachu. The lightning outside made her shudder, too. She looked once again. There was nothing but rain. She turned around and jerked at the sight. Sahir was standing on the right].

Sahir: What happened, dear?

Sitara: When did you come in here? You did not ring the bell either.

Sahir: I have the duplicate keys, too. 

Sitara: Oh, yes, that is there with you. But tell me, where were you? You do not even let me go to a friend’s party alone, even though you know I hardly have one, and today, you left me alone for so long.

Sahir: Your parties never involved life and death situations. But Advik needed an immediate operation.

Sitara: (Worried) Oh, I forgot about that completely. How is AD sir now, and is he all healthy?

Sahir: No, Sitara, he is not very well and needs to rest, undoubtedly. Although, out of danger. But requires time to feel better.

Sitara: So, he will not be taking our classes some days?

Sahir: Yes, he requires bed rest for three days. Ok, now you go, grab the plates while I serve the dinner without delay. (Sitara was moving when Sahir called) And Sitara, I will be away for some days. 

Sitara: Why? 

Sahir: Some official work and its priority is pretty high.

[Sitara did not argue and soon sat for dinner with her Chachu].

Sitara: (looking at the clock) It is already eleven! Where are Mumma, Papa, and Hiten? (Sahir did not answer. Sitara looked there) Chachu, can I ask you something?

Sahir: (looking at Sitara) Yes, anything.

Siatara: Did you know AD Sir before? (Sahir looked shocked) Your look tells me I am not wrong for sure.

Sahir: In my childhood, he was my buddy.

Sitara: But you talk to him formally. It seems like he is your elder brother. Moreover, everyone calls him AD, but you are the only one to refer to him as Advik, and when it is you, he shows special care. As if your protector.

Sahir: (Avoiding eye contact) When do you see all this? You are overthinking, miss!

Sitara: I am not overthinking. I saw you and AD Sir a day before yesterday, in the evening. You were in the staffroom discussing something. I came to call you and saw both are arguing. But you were calmer and called him Advik during the entire conversation. I eavesdropped, although it wasn’t my intention.

Sahir: (looking tensed) What did you hear?

Sitara: (Irritated) I found Miss Laila near before I could hear. She spoke in riddles, it seems. But I know she was trying to distract me from you and him. A suspicious lady, I must say. She can beat you both, men, any day.

Sahir: (Dropping the serving spoon on the floor and then hitting his head on the table’s edge while picking it. Sitara rubbed it a bit). Thanks, Sitara! You know you will soon be the brightest star of your era.

Sitara: You know, Chachu, buttering does not suit you. 

Sahir: I am not buttering you. I am telling what is true. One day you will know Sitara, your Chachu, was always truthful to you.

Sitara: I do not believe you. Anyways, eat your food. It tastes good.

[Suddenly, a car honks outside].

Sahir: (Absent-mindedly) The family is here.

Sitara: They enjoyed the party there.

Sahir: (Holding Sitara’s hand) You know, Sitara, not everyone is brave enough to drink the Halahal. Only Neelkanth has that power because only he is capable. Sitara, not everyone gets the bedroses. For some, the road is full of thorns and losses. But remember, Sitara, only the one with the will and power can become the savior. History gives them fame but fails to acknowledge the immense pain behind that name. 

Sitara: (Looked surprised) You speak Hebrew, Chachu. Speak in a language that I understand too.

Sahir: (Getting up) Go to bed now, will you? Let me go and check if your parents and my brother need anything too.

[Saying this, Sahir left. Sitara, reading a book, slept. Sahir returned after a while. He looked at sleeping Sitara and smiled. Slowly he went to her and removed the book. He turned it to see what she was reading and got hooked. It was a fairytale from a land unknown to the human species. But the story is part of a unique series].

Sahir: (reads the chapter name) “Hara and the Story of Patthar Dil!” I did not know the story was in this book still. I thought they banned it in the name of the devil. (Sahir looked around and looked tensed) I smell the evil. Shall I inform Advik about it? No, he is not yet fit. Maybe Ruya, then. No, I cannot go to that house again. So, now I am left with only Laila. (Closing the book with a thud) I can do anything for Sitara. After I return, the first thing I will do is meet Laila. 

Scene 14

[Laila was there in the forest wandering lonely. She goes near a tree and sits silently. Then she brought the flute near her lips quietly. Now she played a tune that was unknown but soothing. It was such a sad tune that it felt like even the trees were mourning].

Laila: (Leaving the flute aside, sings) Give me the poison that will end every season because I do not have a reason to survive one more season! Give me the Hemlock that will break this stone heart because I do not want to get hurt. (Changing the tone) Oh my sweetheart, where are you, love? Oh my sweetheart, were you an angel from above? Then why did you break my heart? Tell me, my sweetheart. Tell me! Please tell me, my sweetheart! Where do I get the poison, love? Did you mean every word when you said it is me, you love? Tell me, my sweetheart! Oh, please tell me, na? Tell me, my sweetheart, where do I get love? Tell me, my sweetheart! Tell me! Please tell me!

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