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Sitara’s Birthday Preparations

Scene 26

[Advik came inside the forest and stood near the old banyan tree. He looked here and there and found the animals and birds there. Advik slowly placed his hand on the trunk, and it made a crackling sound. It was loud enough to rattle the ground. Soon the trunks of the trees started parting, and in the middle, a hole started forming. Inside the hole was a whirlwind, and soon the entire forest started moving. It shook the earth, and the heavy wind started blowing. It became difficult for Advik to keep on standing. However, after a while, everything stopped, and Advik now stood in front of a massive royal palace or building. On the building, there is a board hanging:

Academy of Bewitching Occult Learning

Teaching Abhicāra & Beastly Occurrence Law


Slowly, Advik entered the building and started walking. He stopped in front of a big room and started knocking. Soon, the door opened, and Advik entered smiling. It was an enormous room with books stacked everywhere. The wooden ceiling has a magnificent curving, and it reflects sophistication everywhere. In the center was a big wooden chair with royal carvings, and on it sat an aged woman with all-white hair].

Advik: (Smiling) Good morning, Headmistress.

Headmistress: (Smiles) Good morning to you, too, Advik. Nowadays, you are seen less (Suggests him to sit on the chair).

Advik: (Sitting on the chair) That’s what was decided sixteen years ago. My job is to be there with Sitara, undercover, in sunshine and snow.

Headmistress. Very well, then what brings you here?

Advik: (Leaning forward) It is about Sitara, and I want you to be with her on her birthday and help her overcome all her fears.

Headmistress: You all told her everything?

Advik: (Leaning back) We lacked an option because Ruya had a vision that was frightening.

Headmistress: It is regarding Patthar Dil that you thought to be alarming.

Advik: (Nodding in negation) No, Headmistress, something else is bothering me.

Headmistress: (Inquisitively) That’s interesting. Tell me, what is happening?

Advik: (After pausing for a moment) Ruya has had a vision that Tamas is using its human form and is forming a human army.

Headmistress: (Leaning for some time) So, this time, he is gathering more power.

Advik: (Nodding)That’s what is confirmed by our Seer. So, we thought of informing Sitara because we didn’t know when Tamas would attack us. But I wanted to ensure that it would never create any chaos.

Headmistress: So, tell me, dear, when is her birthday?

Advik: The day after tomorrow means Wednesday.

Headmistress: I will be there to bless her that day. How is she coping with all these truths she encountered for the first time?

Advik: (Smirking) She correctly made us feel guilty about our crimes.

Headmistress: Good, she has a will. That will help her to stand against evil. 

Advik: (nodding) Yes, she has a voice. She can make a choice.

Headmistress: What did he choose?

Advik: (Chuckles) She will not let us lose!

Scene 27

[Advik’s home has been beautifully decorated with unknown and weird look lanterns, making the room look bright. The candles hung mid-air, while the skulls’ eyes functioned as birthday lights. On the door was a beautiful-looking gigantic flower. Each petal has a vibrant pink color. It lured the little birdie sitting on the tree. She came near the flower to eat the nectar. As soon as the little one came closer, the petals parted and showed bright canines, and the bird understood the danger. But it was late, and soon the plant gulped the bird and threw out only the feathers. Advik saw that and came near the door while keeping his hand on his hips, and irritation was visible on his face while he moved his lips].

Advik: (Irritatingly) Laila, come here!

Laila: (Standing beside) What do you want now, Sir?

Advik: (Irritation visible) Who asked you to bring these carnivorous plants here?

Laila: (Pointing her fingers) None gives an order to me here. You must remember. And the flower? We must let Sitara know what we have in reserve for her in a world unknown to her.

Advik: You must tell her, on her birthday?

Laila: We must tell her someday. Why not today?

[Ruya comes from behind].

Ruya: Arguing once again?

Advik: (Irritatingly) Why do I at all take the pain? (Saying this, he moved from there).

Ruya: (Looking at Laila) Laila, you seemed to have pissed off Advik. But that doesn’t seem to be unique. It happens daily and does not surprise me now, trust me. But seriously, Laila, do you think this flower you put on the door has anything to do with this celebration or Sitara? 

Laila: (Crossing her arms) She should know our world well, so I put it, Ruya.

[Suddenly, there was a knock on the door].

Ruya: (Walking towards the door) It must be Sahir knocking. (Opening the door) Just on time, darling.

Sahir: (Entering) Sitara will join in a while, but I came now in case you need something.

Ruya: (Walking towards him) A bit of peace of mind will do. I need help from you.

Sahir: (Chuckles) Let me guess, Laila is giving Advik enough reason to stress.

[AD came and hugged Sahir from the back].

Sahir: (Startled) You scared me, buddy.

AD: (Laughed heartily and clapped his hands) You looked funny! (Sahir shook his head and chuckled).

[Laila joins].

Laila: (Looking at Sahir) I thought you were escorting Sitara.

Sahir: (Keeping his hand on his hips) She will be coming all by herself, Miss Laila.

Laila: (Narrowing her eyes) Will that keep her safe from all the harm that will come?

Sahir: (Nodding) Yes, around her is a powerful protection charm.

[Suddenly, a boy in his early twenties enters the room].

Sahir: (Questioning look) What is Harshad doing here?

Harshad: I am looking at the food here. (Coming closer) I have recently developed a passion for cooking. Bhai was stressed (Looking at AD), so I helped him with catering.

Sahir: (Scared) You know Sitara has been brought up here. She does not know our food whatsoever. I hope you have kept the menu subtle and did not delve into details.

Harshad: (Wrapping Sahir’s neck) Chillax Buddy, I am here to make you happy (AD looked frightened too). So, do you want to hear what’s on the birthday menu? Tell me, do you?

[Maya joined them].

Maya: (Sarcastly) We have no options too.

Harshad: (Moving his hands) OK then, give me the beat. Today’s birthday menu will be superhit (Saying this, he made beat sounds with his mouth). 


Give me the beat. Give me the beat. Today’s menu will be grand and superhit.

Let’s start with starters, the epic appetizers.

Here we have the spicy spider corn fry. You miss it, and you will cry.

Give me the beat, baby, give me the beat!

Next comes here in Piranha in spicy sauce. Don’t miss this starter because it is the Boss!

Give me the beat, baby, give me the beat! Today’s feast will be a super-duper hit!

Now comes the main course, so hurry and grab your bowl quickly. Here comes Hasjaru’s Egg Curry, sweet, savory, and tasty. Eat it with bread made by elves. Once you eat it, you will grab another bowl for yourself.

Give me the beat, baby, give me the beat! You will love today everything you eat!

Last comes the unicorn milk pudding. It will be the show stopper, and you can’t stop licking. While going home, don’t forget the rainbow candies. The lovely color candies will show you heaven on earth whenever you please.

Give me the beat, baby, give me the beat! 

[Harshad stopped singing. Sahir, Ruya, Laila, AD, and Maya exchanged looks as if in their mind, there is something].

Harshad: (Excited) Isn’t it epic? Our menu is unique!

Sahir: What do you say, Advik? Are you sure Sitara will like it? 

AD: (Looking at Ruya) You have two-minutes-noodles with you? (Ruya nodded) That will do.

Harshad: (Disheartened and angry) You haven’t eaten a single dish! (Angrily) Ok, do whatever you wish!

Sahir: (Coming forward) Harshad, please don’t be upset and rigid. Our fears are pretty valid. You see, Sitara has never eaten something this unique. Tell him, Advik (AD nodded). Suddenly, introducing this weird menu will be too much for her to bear. (Harshad wanted to say something) We are not saying she will not taste any of it. Who can say she may like all the dishes, and your menu becomes a super hit? But let us be ready for an alternative situation. A Plan B can always help us in any condition.

Ruya: Correct! That’s why I will start preparing the noodles before I forget. Also, Harshad, you said Zoya would be here any moment. Why don’t you be a little more ready so that you look fabulous at the right moment?

Harshad: (Smiling happily) Oh Ruya, darling, you are mind-blowing! Zoya can be here any time. So, if I am not ready, it will be a crime. (Looking at AD) Bhai, please, can you carry this all alone for the remaining evening?

AD: (Smiling) Of course, my dear sibling. You get ready for partying. 

[Everyone sighed as Harshad left].

Ruya: (Looking at all) Let me go and cook the noodles quickly.

Maya: Let me help you, and it will get over in jiffy.

Laila: And I will check the decorations once more for safety.

Sahir: Let me attend to the guests who have arrived early.

AD: I will help you, buddy.

[Ruya and Maya were about to leave when suddenly there was a knock on the door].


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