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Tamas’s Introduction

Scene 17

[Sitara came home crying and went to her room running. Ishika was talking to her elder sister when Sitara closed the door with a loud banging noise. The woman had to hang up as she had no choice].

Ishika: (Looking at the closed door worriedly). Indeed, I allowed Sitara and Sahir shelter in exchange for a guinea. But I am a mother, and even though fake, Sitara is my daughter. I cannot relax because mothers cannot see their daughters crying. But my heart is telling me it is not worth enquiring.

[Suddenly, the bell rang, and Ishika went to open the door].

Ishika: (looking bewildered) What happened to you?

Sahir: (Tying the hanky tightly on the head) Nothing that should worry you.

Ishika: (Angry) Yes, why should anything worry me? After all, I am not your Real Family!

Sahir: (Coming inside while looking Confused) Did Sitara come home early? (Ishika nodded while closing the door. Sahir Sighed while looking at the floor). I am sorry, Mrs. Rajput, but we spilled the beans to Sitara. (Ishika gave Sahir a questioning look) It is one of the visions of Ruya.

Ishika: I thought there was one more year.

Sahir: Tamas is getting stronger every day, and this is what we fear.

Ishika: (Holding Sahir’s shoulders) Do you think Sitara can be your messiah? She is just a teenage girl. Do you think she is capable of all?

Sahir: I know it’s her life. So, only she has the right to decide.

[Suddenly, Sitara comes out changing. She rushes towards the door without saying anything].

Sahir: Where are you going?

Sitara: (Stops) I am not answering. (Saying this, she zooms out of the house).

Sahir: (Sighs) I think she should spend some time alone.

Ishika: Yes, let her be on her own. But will she be safe outside?

Sahir: There is a protection charm around her to protect her from the evils by her side.

Ishika: The outside evils. But what about the inside devil?

Sahir: She had to fight that with her power of Will!

Scene 18

[Sitara was sitting by the side of a lake quietly. Tears were flowing down her eyes, and she wiped it silently. Suddenly a woman sits beside her while looking at her mysteriously].

Sitara: (Being uncomfortable) Why do you look at me that way? I am Sitara by the way.

Woman: I am Bela. Nice to meet you, Sitara. 

Sitara: You seem to be new in this town of Tepantar.

Bela: Yes, I have never traveled this far. 

Sitara: You are a traveler?

Bela: Yes, from a town, near and far.

Sitara: I don’t understand you.

Bela: My words are comprehensible to only a few. But enough of me, tell me, something about you?

Sitara: I am a regular teenage girl.

Bela: (mysteriously) A regular teenage girl who hates to be treated like a doll. (Sitara looked shocked. Bela continued to talk) You are tempting, flavorful, and delicious (She went near Sitara and inhaled her aroma) Hmmm! Spicy Anger, Soury Distrust, Salty Tears, Creamy Self-Pity, and Saucy Loneliness, baby, you are precious.

Sitara: (Standing up with rage) I am not a dish, miss! (Saying this, she left).

Bela: Poor baby, you are so tasty. But for Tamas, I have to get all nasty and do things dirty.

{Suddenly, a hand grabbed Bela’s neck so tightly that Bela could not even breathe properly. It was Laila, who was there protecting Sitara].

Laila: Not so quickly.

Bela: (Struggling) One of the Quadrants, it seems!

Laila: (Making the hold tighter) And she has come to gift you nightmares and snatch away your dreams.

Bela: (Her sharp nails dig Laila’s skin. Her face has the smile that one has when they win). One whose life is a nightmare, she dares to give tears. Not fair, Leela! Oops, sorry, I mean Laila.

[Hearing this, Laila’s facial expression changed].

Laila: (losing her hold) What did you say?

Bela: (smirking) The truth you want to forget every day.

Laila: (Pinning her to a nearby tree) Listen, my lady. You look like me. A vampire with some powers, and hence, people will always like you to hire. Moreover, it seems, you do not belong to any family, which means that you, like me, were once a part of this world that you now hate so badly. But I have a mission in my life, lovely lady. Hence, to fulfill it, I will do whatever seems fit. If that means forgetting my identity, I care a damn, baby.

Bela: When you have a mission, choose your side wisely.

Laila: I can give the same advice to you too, sweetie. But it seems you are already too addicted to hearing something nice. What you need always is more spice! So, hear this piece of shit and remember every bit. If you try to harm, you will fail because what surrounds Sitara is a protection charm. Now follow me to the forest and be my guest.

Scene 18

[Enters the forest, Bela and Laila. Advik was still there, but this time there was Ruya].

Laila: (looking at Ruya) It seems my luck favors me because you are here, Ruya. Will you help us to know what they are planning against Sitara?

Ruya: (looking surprisingly) Who is this lady?

Laila: She seems to be our foe’s close buddy.

AD: She is a part of Tamas’s army?

Laila: That’s what it seems. She knows Him.

Ruya: What’s her name? How is she a part of this game?

Laila: Her name is Bela. And for the second part of your question, you have to find that, darling Ruya.

[Ruya comes near Bela].

Bela: (Smirks) You have the bitter taste of childhood, and the soupy taste of being shadowed by your parents is prevalent in this adulthood. (Ruya looked shocked). The sweet taste of guilt is tempting, and the chocolaty one-sided love is lip-smacking.

Ruya: (Taking her hand) Will you stop your blabbering?

[Saying this, Ruya touched the mole on her forehead and closed her eyes. She found herself inside a dark forest when she opened her eyes. Ruya looked here are there and then started walking. She stops when she hears people talking. After a while, she found a man with a crooked smile. It was Chetan, and beside him was that woman. Soon came a handsome man in his early thirties. He ascended the throne made of red rubies. It looked all bloody while the celestial moon above made the atmosphere eerie. The light from the torches hung on the tree reflected on his chocolate-brown body. He looked more like a hero than a villain in a half-sleeve short black kurta and white dhoti. With him came an army consisting of many young men and ladies. It also had many royal people, and they were pretty elderly. Everyone laid down and submitted themselves to him respectfully. After they stood up, The Man signaled a young boy in his early twenties. The boy went to Chetan and dragged him to The Man and forced Chetan to sit on his knees].

Chetan: (Holding hands) Andherapati, why such a behavior? I did everything in your favor.

Tamas: (Angry) Your job was to kill your nephew? (Shouting) Tell me, what did you do?

Chetan: (putting his head down) AD’s strength can match only a few. 

Tamas: (Coming down with a whip his hand) Then why shall I keep you (Saying this, Tamas whipped Chetan hard).

Chetan: (Holding Tamas’s feet) One more chance is what I need to prove my loyalty towards you. I will do whatever you ask me to do.

Tamas: (smirking) Oh, is that true? The Honorable Member of the Council, you will do what I ask you to?

Chetan: (Crying) I can give my life too.

Tamas: (Smirking) So, does the Council Member, the Member of the Government, be my servant?

Chetan: I am already your servant, My Lord.

Tamas: (Smirked) I see (looking at others) Ladies and Gentlemen, we were burned, were referred to as dark and uncanny by those who claim to love mystery but detest every bit of it. They do not know about our powers. But they call us mysterious creatures. For thousands of years, they were the ones who wronged us. But in their stories, ballads, and folklore, what do they say (Pause) that we created the fuss! (Stepping forward and going towards a girl) You were friends with them, but after they learned your truth remember what they did to you. (He then went to a middle-aged man) You wanted to make the children happy, but the parents went crazy. After that, tell us what they did to you. Narrate your story, will you? Tell us how they treat us and their reality and the facts that are true.

Man: (With a tearful voice) I am a wizard, and I am knowledgeable about magical charms. I love the little kids and meant no harm. But their parents thought I was crazy. And they caught me by the alley. To protect myself, I used my powers, and that invoked fear. They thought, I practice black magic and use the children for my tricks. (He now started crying) Thus, they tied me down and forced me to wear a thorny crown. They set fire to the tree where I was tied, or you could say, they set fire to me. (Holding Tama’s feet) I would never have been free if it was not for my Andherapati. (He cried loudly, holding his hand high like a fist) So, I celebrate darkness, and my Andherapati is my only God, My Highness!

Tamas: (Helping the Man to stand up on his feet) My blessing and protection will always be there for you. Let the darkness guide you, empower you, and fulfill you. (Returning to his throne) Begone now, all of you! (Everyone turned to go back, and Chetan, too, stood up) Not you. (Chetan stopped and turned around). Bela and I will have some official moments. Why not my servant arrange for some refreshments? (Chetan, although embarrassed, nodded and went away). Bela, will you do the honors to join me (He waved at Bela)?

Bela: (Knelt before Tamas) Bless me, My Andherapati.

Tamas: (Came and held Bela’s shoulder) Rise, My Lady (Bela stood up). I have a work for you. I can trust only you.

Bela: (Smirking) What about your man, Chetan? He is juicy. His hunger for power makes him tasty.

Tamas: You can have him, my lady. But before that, it is Sitara, and you bring her before me.

Bela: Dead or Alive?

Tamas: (Coming closer to Bela’s ears) Alive! Damn, Alive!

Bela: Alive will what you will get. You won’t regret it, I bet.

Tamas: I love you so much for your devotion. Bela, now you go and handle your operation!

[Chetan now came with the refreshments].

Tamas: My servant has come with the refreshments. Just what I need at the moment. Bela, do you want some?

Bela: Thank you, Andherapati, but this will not help my nerves to calm. (Saying this, she walked away).

Tamas: (taking his glass) This time, your punishment is less considering your crime. Now if you fail, there will be no next time.

Chetan: One more chance, Andherapati. I will prove my loyalty.

Tamas: (Going back to the throne) Keep safe, the Pathhar Dil. It will give rise to the evil. (He waved at Chetan to sit at his feet. Chetan did that and accepted his defeat). One day like you, everyone will be at my feet, now where you sit. (Arrogantly looking at Chetan) Why don’t you massage it a bit? (Chetan looked flabbergasted] Why do you give such a look, Chetan? You have agreed to be my man! (Chetan put his head down and slowly started massaging his feet) That’s better! My dear Council Member!

[Now, suddenly, everything around Ruya started fading. Her head started spinning. The ground beneath her was moving. Slowly she was losing consciousness. She forgot all her stress].

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