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Tamas’s Past

Scene 25

[It is nighttime, and Sitara is on the terrace, looking up high at the sky].

Sitara: (Sings) Twinkle twinkle, little star, why never told me I am a star? Up above the world so high, I have a home where you lie. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, my fate is to become a savior, up above the world so high, I am the Blue Fairy of the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, tell me now what lies afar. Up above the world so high, I see darkness in the sky. I am lost now in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, they say I am their savior. But what if I fail badly? Will they suffer for me? Twinkle twinkle, little star, why never you said I am a star?

[Sahir came behind her].

Sahir: (Came and side hugging her) Twinkle, twinkle, little star, fears are part of every war, up above the world so high, your parents bless you from the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star (looking at Sitara), you are a true warrior, up above the world so high, lies hope for you, so don’t cry. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, do not stress about being our savior, up above the world so high, you are a diamond of the sky.

[Sitara smiled with teary eyes].

Sahir: (Wiping her tears) Afraid, my dear?

Sitara: The unknown world and enemy are what I fear.

Sahir: If you have any questions, you can ask me.

Sitara: Why is Tamas so scary?

[Sahir sat on the ground and gestured Sitara to do the same].

Sahir: We, the World of Unknown and Magical Creatures and the Humans, have lived happily ever after for many years. But soon, our relationship got strained for some reason. We parted ways one season. Since then, humans have feared us and depicted us in darker lights. So, we shrouded ourselves in a different world, out of their sights. But time and again, we have met, and sometimes, we have become playmates.

Sitara: Got it. But what does Tamas have to do with any of it?

Sahir: Tamas, too, came on friendly terms with a lady. She was an angel of this world, a beauty. Tamas started living happily. They were deeply and madly in love with each other. Things were going fine, and things were better for both in their love and care. Tamas thought of locking his power to be in the human world forever. He did that and married the lady, and soon they started a happy family. But soon, the lady’s father was affected by a deadly disease, leading to his decease. After a while, her brother lost his promotion, and soon they suffered from a financial crunch, worsening the situation. Around this time, a distant relative and the lady’s jealous lover came with the news about Tamas’s power. Everyone knew now that Tamas was a mantrik or a wizard of immense power. They abandoned and chained him in a room, thinking that he was a threat to their existence. They wanted to eliminate his presence. Even the lady who madly loved her lost all confidence. Tamas was left to die of starvation, beaten like an animal without consideration. He had already locked his powers, and that is what Tamas tried explaining. He had no hand whatsoever in all this happening. But none believed him, and the jealous lover made things worse for him. Soon he was on his door to embrace death when anger and revenge became his strength. He started remembering the Green Fairy, also considered the Dark Lady. The Dark Lady came to grant him a wish in that situation because she was impressed by Tamas’s devotion. Tamas asked the Dark Lady to rip his soul into three. One will remain in his human form, another in the animal residing in the sea. The third will remain concealed inside a carnivorous tree. The Green Fairy, or the Dark Lady, granted him his wishes and unlocked the powers he once locked for his Mrs. Since then, Tamas had wanted to end the non-magical human race. Betrayed in love, he lost faith, and it is these humans he loves to disgrace.

Sitara: So, which part of his soul lost his power in the previous war?

Sahir: Last war, he took the shape of a shark and, with this cunning brain, created havoc everywhere. He had a sea army consisting of dragons, Sea Monsters, mermen, mermaids, sirens, and Leviathans. A Devil Whale was his General and a Champion. We fought from the ground primarily because many sea creatures were angry and hated the humans. 

Sitara: So you had trouble convincing them that he is wrong?

Sahir: Yes, because, you see, humans did torture many of us for a long. They cannot bear to accept things outside their logic. Hence, it gives every story an end that is pretty tragic.

Sitara: I know and agree with it, and you know this is a disease, and they are not ready to accept they are sick. (Pausing for some time) Can I ask you a question about my Coach, Sir, Advik?

Sahir: Call him AD because Advik is the name only I am assigned to call, you see.

Sitara: Alright, sorry. Now tell me why the letter addressed him as Beowulf and not a werewolf, and it is pretty uncanny.

[Sahir remained quiet for some time].

Sahir: (Sighing) You see, Sitara, every one of us has a story. Not always do these stories have a happy ending. Neither do they have a happy beginning. Advik is no exception here. He was born into the most aristocratic werewolf family. His family has been a member of the Council for eternity. All have been elected Prime Minister, from his Great Grandfather to his father. Hence, they think they are the best of the race, ruled the Earth ever. But Advik was born with what they called a”Defect” or a shortcoming. After nine, when the time came to transform himself into a complete wolf, Advik found the Full Moon night had to offer him nothing but a sight pretty terrifying.

Sitara: (Confused) Meaning?

Sahir: Advik transformed for sure, but to a beast or a beastly wolf, most often found in the folklore. Advik is a rare case, but these people do have their place. But not in the werewolf society but in the rehab where they are sent for treatment because families think they are a disgrace.

Sitara: So, how the experience in rehab was?

Sahir: Horrible it was, a living nightmare for those undergoing treatment. Advik wanted to kill himself every moment. But one day, he stood up for himself and broke his shell. He accepted himself as he was and never thought transforming into a beastly wolf was a disease.

Sitara: But is a beastly wolf worse than a werewolf, Chachu?

Sahir: It all depends on who you are, not whom you are transforming to. Even as a beastly wolf, you can protect everyone if you are good and mean no harm to anyone. And I believe it because Advik has broken all stigma, and I have seen him fight for it.

Sitara: I never thought AD Sir had to fight to fit.

Sahir: We all have a story, Sitara, but we all know none will ever hear it. (Holding her shoulders) But you, Sitara, will create history. And everyone will hear your story.

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