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The Story of Patthar Dil Continues & Season Finale

Flashback Begins

[A handsome gentleman with sharp features, crowded by female followers].

One of the girls: Who would say he is the son of the Prime Minister? He is better looking than the Princes of Tepantar!

Second Girl: Sanjay can conquer the world any day. He can crush anything that crosses his way.

[Sanjay smirks hearing all this].

Sanjay: (Sings) I am Sanjay, the son of the Prime Minister. Losing to the Princes is my worst fear. I will never tolerate defeat. The Princes I will beat. Power is what I seek! The Princes make me sick. But I remain friends with them because they assure me name and fame. (Swinging his sword) I know I am better, not just in features. I know I am better because I am a fox, not a tiger. I am a cunning creature. One day I will be the ruler. Yes, yes, I will be the ruler. (Swinging his sword in the sky) King Sanjay will create terror, and people will fear because I am a cunning creature. I will be the ruler! Yes, yes, I will be the ruler. I will be the ruler. I will be the ruler. (Sanjay proudly twirls, swinging his hands).

[Zoya’s Narration: Sanjay’s only aim was to gain power, and for that, he can be cruel, sly, friendly, and whatnot, but the Princes were unaware of his true nature. They were good friends, and that day they were enjoying the fair].

[The Princes and Sanjay were enjoying the fair. Rudra Bhanu and Sanjay were at a gaming event, and through their bows and arrows, they were aiming the bull’s eye, and both’s eyes reflect the determination of the winner].

Rudra Bhanu: (Missed the Bull’s Eyes) I must work on my features.

Sanjay: (Hit the Bull’s Eyes) I am a born winner.

Rudra Bhanu: (Patting Sanjay) You are an excellent archer! You have become so much better in all these years. I am so proud of you, buddy.

Sanjay: (Shyly smiling) Stop now with the formality.

Rudra: Ok, now go and grab that prize money. Sanjay, you will give us a treat today!

Sanjay: (After receiving the prize money) That I will, but first tell me where is Chandra, and where is he gone, which way? 

Rudra: He loves animals more than humans.

Sanjay: (Chuckles) We must engage him with a woman (Both friends laugh).

Rudra: That we can do for sure. But first, let us find Chandra, and then we will again come to the fair and explore.

Sanjay: Do one thing, you go an explore the fair. I will go to the nearby forest and search for Chandra there.

Rudra: Let me come with you.

Sanjay: According to forest rules, it is better to explore with few.


[Prince Chandra Bhanu is playing his flute inside the forest, forgetting everything. The trees, birds, and little animals have started dancing. Haari, who was also there inside the forest, got mesmerized by the music. He followed the tune because it is the owner it seeks. Meanwhile, Sanjay has arrived].

Sanjay: You are here! I am searching for you everywhere.

Chandra: (Getting up when his flute fell) I am sorry, dear! It was peaceful here. The fair was a noisy affair.

Sanjay: (Picking up the flute). Come now, dear. It is your brother. He misses you as you have gone forever.

Chandra: Please, tell him, for some time, I want to stay here.

Sanjay: (Sitting beside him) Ok, you teach me to play this flute then!

Chandra: (Sitting and irritated) Not again. Music and you; it is a real pain.

Sanjay: I cannot lag in something.

Chandra: You cannot be better at everything.

Sanjay: But I can always learn.

Chandra: What will I earn?

Sanjay: What about my love?

[Chandra chuckles, takes the flute, and plays it].

Chandra: (Giving the flute to him) Now, it is your turn, my dove!

[Sanjay kept the flute near his lips and was about to blow it when he saw Haari].

Sanjay: (Spotting Haari) Haari? (Standing up) What are you doing here, Green Fairy?

Haari: I came to the fair with my sister. But the fair is a noisy affair. So, I came here. What are you doing here? 

Sanjay: (Looking at Chandra Bhanu) This is my friend, Prince Chandra Bhanu, and I am spending some time with him here. (Pointing to Haari) And Chandra, this is Haari, our Green Fairy. (Haari gives a friendly smile. Chandra was mesmerized).

Haari: (Adoring Sanjay) The music you played was so mesmerizing. I was lost while hearing.

Sanjay: I am not–(Suddenly, he felt a pressure on his hand).

Chandra: Indeed, he is fascinating.

Haari: I knew him for many years, but I was clueless and did not know anything.

Chandra: Yes, he is like that only, shy.

Haari: (Smiles awkwardly) Yeah, goodbye. (She left).

Sanjay: What was that, buddy?

Chandra: They say I have the gentleness and the kindness of a boy, and I am a cutie. But girls do prefer someone manly.

Flashback Ends

[Zoya and Sitara, sitting on the bed].

Zoya: Although Chandra secretly loved Haari, he was never confident about himself genuinely. It helped Sanjay because any human who marries a fairy gets a boon to become the ruler of Tepantar. Even King Shiv Bhanu’s great-grandmother was a fairy, which made Shiv Bhanu’s family the ruler.

Sitara: (Nodding) Understood this much, but Patthar Dil has yet not come to your story.

Zoya: Do you want me to narrate the story at full speed, dearie?

Sitara: No, no, narrate it your way.

Zoya: Fine then, you lay (Helped Sitara to lay down).

Flashback Begins

[Zoya’s Narration: If love blossomed between Sanjay and Haari, a new romantic beginning started between Rudra Bhanu and Laali].

[Rudra and his father Shiv in their room].

Shiv: Son, you marrying a Fairy, and that, too, the Red Fairy, gives me immense pleasure. Remember, she will bring you luck and a boon, so you must treasure her forever.

Rudra: That I will, Father. (Happily) And I am so happy for Sanjay as he is marrying Haari.

Shiv: (With tension in his voice) That is troubling me. I know, son, that you, Sanjay, and Chandra are close friends, but I feel, with Sanjay, things are not as they ought to be.

[Zoya’s Narration: And the King was right in his analysis].

Sanjay: Haari, can you teach me the magic to transform into another human for some hours, dear?

Haari: I am sorry, Sanjay, but we must not share our magical arts with humans, and we must listen to our mothers.

Sanjay: But I will be your better half this Full Moon.

Haari: That is when I can grant you any three boons. You can ask for any three things then. You will get whatever you want, even the power to stop the rain.

[Zoya’s Narration: Haari kept her promise and granted Sanjay his wishes on the day of their marriage].

Haari: (The Green Fairy is in her Fairy Attire). Now that I am tied to you, human, I will grant you three wishes and lose my Fairy Self until the correct time comes to return to the Fairy Palace.

Sanjay: Dear Green Fairy, grant me the wish to disguise myself as another person, Haari!

Haari: Close your eyes and remember the man you want to change. 

Sanjay: Thank you, Grant me the wish now to be the King of the land, unknown and strange.

Haari: You will be the New King of a New Land, forever.

Sanjay: Help me to turn a man into a tree.

Haari: (Giving him a paper) Chant this, and you will be able to do that but remember while transforming the human into a tree, do not touch him, or you will also become the same.

Sanjay: I will not do anything that will affect my name.

[Soon, the room gets filled with dazzling green color. Soon the fairy lost her wings and feather. Haari was now in her bridal attire].

Haari: (Hugging Sanjay) I have become yours, and only yours, from today.

Sanjay: (Making her drink milk) I will never disappoint you any day. Wait for me in my room while I meet my buddy before we part ways. (Saying this, Sanjay left).

[Zoya’s Narration: Sanjay’s greed was limitless. He wanted to rule a New Land and the Land of Tepantar, killing the Princes].

Rudra: (Inside the forest) Why do you call me here, buddy?

Sanjay: (Chants the mantra on the paper. Soon, Rudra starts transforming into a banyan tree there. He struggled to speak but was numb while Sanjay broke into laughter). I called you to transform you into a tree. (He then changed himself to Rudra Bhanu and went from there).

[Zoya’s Narration: Sanjay enters Laali’s room as Rudra Bhanu. Laali thinks her husband has come, and they consummate like marital partners, which is nothing new. Haari, on the other hand, had slept, and everything Sanjay did was unknown to her. But for Laali, things have changed forever].

Laali: (Opening her eyes in the morning and was shocked to see Chandra Bhanu there). What are you doing here?

Sanjay (as Chandra Bhanu): (With a shattered and embarrassed face) You forced me here!

Laali: (Confused) What are you saying?

Sanjay (as Chandra Bhanu): The truth, my lady, the truth that is embarrassing. You cheated on my friend and me. You cheated on your sister, who was so dear to me. (He left the room, spotted by a servant).

[Zoya’s Narration: Soon, the news spread that Chandra Bhanu and Laali spent the night together. But Laali remembered she was with Rudra Bhanu on their wedding night and that Rudra Bhanu was only there. But none believed her. Haari, too, forgot that she gave Sanjay the boon to transform into another man because Sanjay gave her a spiked memory of being a fairy. Chandra Bhanu was confused because he could not understand how he got trapped in such a mess. Betraying his brother was something beyond his imagination because Rudra Bhanu was like his father and no less. Shattered and dejected, Shiv Bhanu knew that his son was in danger and Laali was innocent but lacked proof to prove this anytime quickly. Thus, he had to give himself to Sanjay’s conspiracy].

Shiv: Prince Chandra Bhanu and Queen Laali are banished from this land forever for betraying their family.

Chandra: My King, something here is tricky. I was not in my brother’s room on his wedding night.

Sanjay: The witnesses saw you from leaving, isn’t that right? (He said, looking at the servant).

[Zoya’s Narration: Everyone loved Rudra Bhanu. So, none believed Laali and Chandra Bhanu. Moreover, Sanjay had a sweet tooth. So, none knew the truth. Shattered and dejected, Laali went to her parents. They believed her but asked her to do penance. Soon, her penance was heard by the Fairy Godmother. She came and took Laali and her parents to the Fairy Palace forever. Chandra, however, changed into a man, and now he seeks revenge. Well, that’s not strange. He spent his time with mantrik, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and other magical creatures. One day he called Sanjay in the forest there].

Chandra: (Playing the flute) Come, my dear friend, do come! (Turning to find Sanjay there) My friend took my talent, my face, and even my name. You destroyed me and my family. You betrayed your love, the person who loved you sincerely. You even took from her, her family. (But Sanjay started chanting a mantra, and soon Chandra turned to an Aswatha tree. It stood near the banyan tree).

Voice: You did what! (Sanjay turned around to find Haari there).

Sanjay: (Smirked) I did that. And with your boon, I did a lot of that.

Haari: (Rage) You will pay for betraying. You will feel like crying. From there, there will be no returning. (Saying this, she left).

[Zoya’s Narration: Soon, Haari started praying for the Dark Fairy. Because she lost her powers after her marriage, but now she wants them back, and only Dark Fairy could help her, but nastily].

Dark Fairy: (Waving her wand) Fairy of the Green Light, I want something from thee.

Haari: You will have my life on your feet.

Dark Fairy: (Spreading a sheet) Then give me your heart on this sheet.

[Green Fairy cut her heart instantly and gave it on the sheet. Soon, she lost consciousness and lay on Dark Fairy’s feet. The Dark Fairy treats her with care. Soon, Haari’s wounds are gone forever. She looked beautiful as ever, and she had her wings there].

Dark Fairy: (Caressing her). I am touched by your bravery. Tell me, what do you want, dearie?

Haari: (With rage) Give me the power to destroy the mighty!

Dark Fairy: (Turning her heart into a blazing stone). It is Patthar Dil. Keep it with you, and you will succeed and have what you will! We do not believe in good or evil. We only believe in one’s will!

[Zoya’s Narration: Soon, the Green Fairy destroyed Sanjay, his land, forever. But that could not quench the power of evil inside her. By then, she has tasted power. Soon, she started messing with the life of ordinary people. They were forced to be her Disciple. At that time, our Rooh fought against her. About Rooh, I will tell you later. She was destroyed, but she left behind her Patthar Dil for the evil]. 

Flashback Ends

[Sitara and Zoya, lying on the bed].

Sitara: So what would happen if Tamas had this Patthar Dil?

Zoya: (Sitting up). He will gain the immense power to do evil. But what troubles me is something else. (Sitara questions with her eyes) If Tamas had this Patthar Dil, he gave an enormous penance.

Sitara: Do you think, Zoya, that I am worthy?

Zoya: Your worth lies in your innocence sweetie! Now lie down and sleep because, after a week, you will start your new journey.

Final Scene of Season 1

[A train whistled and came into the forest in the middle of the night. It was foggy enough and was not visible to ordinary sight. Sitara looked back at the Town of Tepantar once more. She boarded the train with Harshad, Maya, and Zoya and was ready to explore].

Sitara: (Sitting comfortably on her seat) Zoya, when will we reach there?

Zoya: (Smiles) Sooner.

Sitara: (Looks out the window and wipes her tears). I know my mentors are safe somewhere there.

[The trained whistled back and left the forest and the Town of Tepantar].

First Season and the Introduction Ends.

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