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The Story of Patthar Dil

Scene 32

[Sitara and Zoya were sitting on the bed, and Zoya narrated the story of Patthar Dil].

Zoya: Sitara, we and the human world lived in coherence many years ago. We used to help each other to grow. The story of Patthar Dil occurs at a time when a monarch ruled the Town of Tepantar. Although he was human, and unlike us, he was a superstar. He was a man who loved and cared for everyone. But he would be a living nightmare if some had evil intentions, but otherwise, he was a man who loved to have fun. Everything was fine here. Everyone lived happily ever after. But one day, everything changed and made things worse for us. Thus, giving more power to evils like Tamas.


[Narration in Zoya’s voice: Things started when a farmer and his witch wife gave birth to two twin girls or fairies. They were the most beautiful two women anyone had ever seen, and they started making friends with everyone, and all used to find them in their happiness and miseries. Since they had very jolly parents, they grew up to be fun-loving ladies.]

[Now we see a girl in red attire, a bit dark in complexion, adorning a lovely smile on her face looking at the morning sky while inhaling the fresh air].

Red Fairy: (Sings) The sun becomes red, red is Red Orleans, and red looks mesmerizing on a woman’s vermillion (She smiles shyly). (She makes her eyes bigger) When someone is angry, a fire burns inside the head. Look at their eyes, and you will find red. As the new love blushes hard, look at their cheeks, and you will see they are red. Red is everywhere. Roses are red, and so are Red Chillies grown here. Red is the color of love, passion, and anger. You will find red everywhere. Here and there, and everywhere. EVERYWHERE! (A little boy gets hurt and starts bleeding. The Red Fairy went to him and tending) (A little boy gets hurt and starts bleeding. The Red Fairy goes to him) Oh, little buddy, please stop crying. It will soon stop bleeding. I know it is all bloody, but trust me, you will again be jolly. But did you see the color of blood, sweetie? (Dancing with the boy) It is all, Red! Red! Red! (To the boy) And I know you have recognized me in your head! Yes, I am the Red Fairy, Laali! (And she starts laughing and playing with the boy). 

[Now we see a dense forest, and among the green leaves, a girl in green attire is playing the flute].

Green Fairy: (Caressing a tiny tweak of the tree touching her face) La, Lalalala, Lalla Lalla la! My friends are green. They are pure and without any sin (She swirls around the tree). Green is their leaves, and green is every tree! Our crop is green, and green is this little birdie (She caresses a parrot sitting on the tree).

Parrot: (Eating a green chile). Green is the green chilies. 

Green Fairy: (Laughs and takes the parrot in her arm). The soothing jungles have soothing music when I play with my green bangles (She touches her green bangles). Green is the color of the caterpillar! Green is the vast ground here. Green is the color of youth. Green signifies a rebirth in you. I celebrate the color green because I am the Green Fairy, and my name is Haari! (She starts playing in the forest with all birds, animals, and trees).  

[Zoya’s narration: But these two sisters were inseparable. Their friendship was too true to be a fable].

[We see Laali and Haari having a fun time].

Laali: (Stitching something) Haari, you know the Princes of Tepantar has arrived, and Prince Rudra Bhanu will soon become the King of Tepantar.

Haari: (While helping her) But I love the present King more than anyone here. He is like our father.

Laali: (Keeping aside the cloth) Oh, sissy, the new Prince won’t be evil either. My instinct tells me Prince Rudra Bhanu will also be a competent ruler like his father.

Haari: (Doing her work) Well, whatever. I am not interested in him whatsoever.

Laali: (With a smirk) Are you interested in his brother?

Haari: (With a weird look) Brother?

Laali: (Coming closer) Please don’t tell me that you don’t know Prince Chandra Bhanu, brother of Prince Rudra Bhanu.

Haari: I know only my present, King Shiv Bhanu. But why are you interested in the Princes here?

Laali: (Stands up and jumps) Because, on their arrival, we will again have a seven-day fair!

Haari: (She too jumps) Oh yes, a fair!

(Both sisters started jumping).

Flashback Ends

Sitara: (Clutching her pillow) You did not mention Patthar Dil once, Zoya.

Zoya: You need to have patience, Sitara. Patthar Dil’s story is pretty fascinating. But hang on, Sahir told the Special Quadrant that the story is back in our fable book, and you have been reading.

Sitara: Yes, I started reading, but I became sleepy. But leave that, buddy. Tell me the history that is as fascinating as any story.

Zoya: Ok then, let me begin.

Flashback Begins Again

[Zoya’s Narration: The King of Tepantar, Shiv Bhanu, had two sons. Rudra Bhanu, and Chandra Bhanu. They lost their mother at an early age, and Shiv Bhanu played the role of both mother and father. However, they spend their time at their Guru’s residence for years. But after completing their studies, it was time for them to return to their father].

[We see two horses crossing the rugged terrains at full speed, and everyone shivers. They resembled two angels crossing the mountains and the rivers. Now we see two well-built muscular men. They rode these horses while crossing the rivers and the terrains. One of the two men had a sturdy body. One had a better physique than the other, looked a bit gentle, and held a flower.

The Older: (Sings) The mountains, terrains, and the rivers that flow here to me are very dear. They belong to the land that rules my father. I left my home after the demise of my mother. It seems to me no different from hers. The trees touch me, and I feel her caring touch. The rain soothes me, and the mud heals me when the pain is too much. But the brave shall not feel the pain and should courageously cross terrain. (Looking at his brother) Remember, Chandra, a Prince is a warrior. He should never fear. Hear me closely, my sweetie. I am Prince Rudra Bhanu, and I tell you, you should always fight valiantly. Stand beside your men courageously. And protect the land that is so motherly.

Chandra: (Sings) Oh Dada, my big brother, I do not want to kill soldiers. Even though they are our foes, they have a family. Why kill others and expand the kingdom when what we have makes us happy? The Full Moon night is beautiful, and the river flowing the stream is lovely. But then we invade the jungles and kill the animals because it makes us noble. But our fun games take their life, and they, too, reside in our kingdom. Why do we suddenly snatch their freedom? Why be valiant? Why be noble? Does kinship is meant only for humans? Are we not for those in the jungles? I, Prince Chandra Bhanu. I am asking you (Looking at his brother). Are we the rulers of only humans? Are we only there for our clans?

Rudra: Oh my, dear Chandra, you know Sanjay would be scolding you?

Chandra: But I ask this question to you, my brother Rudra Bhanu.

Rudra: See Chandra, I won’t force you for anything. But there are certain things that kings are bound to do, like hunting.

Chandra: But what harm do they do to you?

Rudra: It shows the people of my kingdom that their King is more powerful than the others, understood

Prince Chandra Bhanu?

Chandra: Sounds more like an excuse to me.

Rudra: I give up, honey. Anyways, now ride faster as Father must be waiting for us.

Chandra: (laughs) Knowing his nature, I know now he is creating a fuss!

Rudra: (Joins in the laughter) And we should save the servants and other ministers in the palace.

Chandra: Else, we will be in total disgrace (Saying this, both brothers broke into laughter).

Flashback Ends Again

Sitara: Who is Sanjay here?

Zoya: The son of the Prime Minister. A monster!

Sitara: Does he have anything to do with the story?

Zoya: Oh, he is the villain, honey!




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