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Echoes of Unrequited Melody

In the realm of emotions, where hearts entwine,

Unrequited love, a tale so divine.

It begins in shadows, where dreams take flight,

A clandestine dance, veiled in the night.

In the canvas of affection, a one-sided art,

Expressions unreturned, tearing the heart.

Eyes search in vain for a reciprocal gaze,

Lost in a maze of uncharted emotional bays.

Whispers of yearning echo in the silent air,

A symphony of desire, a burden to bear.

Unspoken words linger, like petals descending,

In the garden of love, where hopes are pending.

A delicate heart, caught in love’s gentle snare,

Yet, the symphony plays for an absent pair.

Tears, unspoken, stain pillows so deep,

In solitude, love’s lament, secrets to keep.

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