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Who will

Who Will?

Shampa Saha


Unloading is not allowed!

I have been walking for ages and ages!

With a down head, bent shoulders and a shaky spine!


Sometimes women, sometimes men, sometimes in another form!

From Himalayas to the Kanyakumari, drifting alone, all the burdens all alone!

Carrying on me!

Days, nights, months, years have passed with growing pressure on the neck,

The burden of modernity, the burden of humiliation, the burden of inadequacy, the burden of despair!


Want to take down! I want to get off this jagged stone, really, really indeed!

Tightness in the chest to stop breathing,

A shrill sound is heard!

Oh! It’s too tough to bear any more!

Breathing blood with coughing, but, alas!

There is no way to stop!


I started the journey with the burden of modernity on my shoulders,

Today it is fatal to me!

That’s my fault!

Who will ask?

Who will give an apology??

Who will give?



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Shampa Saha