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Her feelings for a better society

She felt:

Education is not about going to an institution and getting degrees. 

Education is also about 

Understanding oneself

Taking independent decisions without being influenced by peer pressure or societal pressure

Respecting individual differences 

Development of more awareness and judgment with respect to one’s body, body requirements, likes and dislikes, preferences, environment-then only we can make initiatives to try to understand and respect others bodies and preferences without making mindless remarks as done in bullying and body-shaming

Proper use and intake of food,water and oxygen – these three are the basic reqirements for survival. It is a shame how we misuse all this, many of us are not even aware that carbon monoxide is accumulating in a closed room.

Proper sleep

Developing a sense of limit and self-control, also a limit of curiosity about what others are doing

Self-care, maintenance and regulation of health, judicious intake of medicines

Awareness about safe sex ,birth control, pregnancy planning, child psychology and child care

Not diving or make others dive into the prison of negativity created by addiction, obsession, instant gratification by indulging illegal practices and junk on a regular basis

 Judicious handling of money

 Try to take initiatives to make yourself happy with non-troublesome activities instead of depending on others to make you happy

 Not compare others or compare yourself with others- we all are different-we have to accept this truth-our lives are different, our situations are different

Minding one’s own business- this can only happen if you are in peace with yourself, you have accepted yourself and you love yourself

 Letting others live their life instead of wrongly poking nose into their affairs and impose your wrong-doings on them

 Thinking before doing something or deciding-instead of being a people-pleaser, you have to think what is good for you and what is bad for you- apply your intuition and gut feeling

You are not everybody- so you do not have to do what everybody is doing if it is bad for you to get acceptance or external validation

How to minimise stress created by people around you by their unreasonable behaviour and expectations

How to restrain yourself from being over-confident and develop a style of throwing caution to the wind

Not to make fun of other’s weaknesses

Develop more gentle and kind ways- it shows you are strong- for example, instead of hitting a child, explain 

Let others understand that they cannot do whatever they want with you or control you in a wrong way

 Never lose self-worth and sanity even amidst helpless situations and insane people

How to make other people behave and work for you in the way that works out the best – of course, the purpose should be good

There are many wrong societal norms, preconceived notions, misconceptions- trying to understand all this, stand up against all this and adopt better practices- for social approval if you go on ruining yourself, that is not education 

Not doing whatever elders say-elders are wrong in many things

It is such an improper practice that children cannot have water when they want and their water bottles have to be kept separately in school and take permission from teacher to have water- I read a news where one child ,very thirsty had crawled and reached out for water- the teacher got enraged and slapped the child- wonderful society we live in where know-it-all adults disregard the fact that children require more water- children are afraid to go to bathroom- what a society we live in! This cannot be education.

Being receptive to new ideas, new thoughts, new ways that are positive instead of making a person different in a positive way feel that he or she is a criminal and kill that special quality by misbehaving, insulting and scoffing

Trying to be at peace with yourself-then only you can let others be in peace

The problem is, education is lacking in the above aspects, creating trouble in many spheres of life.

Even the most non-troublesome people have to put up with the trouble created by trouble-makers around them. This is not normal. We cannot casually brush away these issues under the carpet saying it is “Usual.’’ It is lack of education and awareness. Somewhere it goes on affecting adversely personal and professional life.

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