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Her realisations for better mental health

Sometimes we cannot get rid of a person we do not like, mainly because of incurable psychopathological conditions or continuous incurable pattern of aberrant behaviour and strange habits. 

We cannot let this go on affecting our health and mind.

The question is, what to do?

Most of the time you can tolerate and keep control. The problem is sometimes you cannot and then you express your discontent. It is not your fault, but many people then hound on you, making you feel more bad. They do not care if it affects you adversely ,even knowing that it has harmful implications. They tell you cannot adapt. Aberrant behaviour of a person affects others in a bad way also. The person behaving aberrantly cannot change oneself, but instead blames others. This is not something desirable. 

We often feel imprisoned if we cannot get rid of that person, and that person derives a malicious pleasure out of that. Sick mindedness,sick behaviour remains unaddressed. This is not fair. They do not have the right to screw up the life of healthy minded people and inject their own problems into them. 

Many old people disturb others a lot by their aberrant behaviour. I believe if they are incurable, they should be kept separately. Many people have strange habits. For example, they keep all their money fixed and during emergency cannot come up with extra money. They will never keep money in savings account, but lend money from others who do keep extra money in their savings account. What they will do eventually if you are not strict, they will 

reduce the balance in your savings account, making you go down to their condition and you will not get money in need. Unnecessarily misbehaving or accusing someone and the unwillingness to say sorry is not proper. But many people go on doing that mentally torturing others. 

A crazy person with highly unreasonable behaviour and demands will label a level-headed person as crazy and affect the mental balance and well being of the person.

Many people are less problematic, many are highly problematic. The highly problematic incurable section should be dealt with strictly and if possible, be isolated from the company of others because they will continue to be problematic and create havoc. The problem is , often we cannot do without problematic people. Then maybe distance should be maintained. They cannot be an unnecessary burden destroying the mental health of others. However much you care they continue to be sick and will eventually make you sick also. A psychopath will create psychological problems in others. A pessimist will make an optimist a pessimist. A person out of control and having addictions and obsessions will make others also addicted and obsessed.

You have to be strong and selfish enough to retain your sanity and well being because the cruel realisation is such people will do nothing for you if you become sick or problematic like them.

For example,if due to inconsiderate behaviour that is harmful for another person,if the person gets adversely affected or complains or requests to stop the problematic behavior-the person is accused,told to get out,as if it is the affected person’s problem and the person has done a crime by requesting. They are inconsiderate about the person getting adversely affected due to them and do not show any love, sympathy,apology. They have made it their point that they will go on behaving problematically. The problematic behavior pattern gets repeated again and again. Even your loved ones can become highly problematic at a phase of life, behave inconsiderately and harmfully go on affecting you. It is better not to cling to them,or involve yourself with them because they will not pay you back in the proper way.

You will do good for them,but they will go on affecting your well being and blame you if they make you sick instead of acknowledging their blame.

Every person has right to protect oneself from harm. You also do that because maintaining your well being is your right. You cannot let people harmfully affect you.

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