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Did you fall out of love or you never even start ?

You said you had feelings for me 

And that you never felt so intense with anyone except me.

They said maybe it’s the right person wrong timing

Or he fell first but she fell harder

But I wanted you as the whole meal when you only wanted to be that starter .

Did you just fall out of love or did you never even start ?

Maybe you didn’t cheat

 but you were treating me like a shit on repeat.

Do you even care how many pieces of my heart I am holding right now ?

Or maybe you are busy fixing someone’s broken heart with a bow.

Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I am right,

But did you think of me for once when you were switching positions with someone that night ?

I like those random songs you used to send me

Now I think were those only for me or you only used the ‘copy paste theory’ ?

When at 3:00 a.m. I watch those videos we used to take 

And it hit me that you tell everyone that I’m just your friend.

you said you felt peace when you hugged me

But do you ever even miss me ?

Okey I get it, you had feelings for me

But you never really loved me.

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Sneha Samaddar