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The Children of Wild( part 3)

No one can imagine the happiness of the children when they play innocently, without any care or fear . They enjoy the best moments with their friends, no one can snatch their happiness. They quarrel with each other and then they become friends again. The five rustic children of wild were again very happy and joyous in their lives. Their exams were over and they planned different activities for afternoon and evening. In scorching heat they sat in their verandah and played indoor games with tamarind seeds and broken bangles. They also played with marbles and pebbles. Sometimes they quarrelled and divided into two groups. Sona was quite dominant by her nature. She always wanted others to follow her. In the evening they played outdoor games like Ice spice( Hide and Seek ) , Statue, Posham pa, stucco, etc. Romila was always handed over certain responsibility of her household . Due to which she couldn’t enjoy that much. Still she was happy to find her leg strengthened. She always told that her parents got angry when she went to play outdoor games. She never knew the reason why her parents were rigid. They were playing together then a quarrel took place between the boys and girls. Girls were saying that the had won but the boys were saying that they were the winners. Pahul got very upset and sat silently in the corner. He told that my sister is very strict with me. She says that I can go to Village only to meet my parents if I score good marks. But I find it very difficult. Everyone encouraged him that he need not worry because they were having the power of Vaishnavi. Next day they went to the same place and repeated the process to invoke Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi was standing there to fulfill the wish of Pahul . She blessed him with energy and intelligence to excel in exams. He did well in the exams . When the results came his sister permitted him to go to Village. This made the children of wild very happy.

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