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The Children of Wild part 1

There was a place in a corner of the country of India that was far from all the artificiality of human mind. The place was calm , cool and wildly rustic. There was no interruption in the flowing of breeze, blooming of flowers and chirping of birds. The kids played frantically in the lanes and forgot everything while playing. There was no discrimination among boys and girls. Everyone could climb a tree, a hillock, roll down a sand dune, build a sand castle or a tunnel in the mounds of sand. Anyone could catch a butterfly, find a snail or caterpillar or a firefly. Searching conch shells from the mounds of sand was a passion among the troop of kids. It was a treasure that they could cherish for years. They never thought to collect petty coins for purchasing the summer treats from the peddlers walking barefoot on the parched land earning few coins in the remote corner of the country with sweat on their brows.There were some children in the troop named Sona, Babuli , Pahul, Romila and Montu. Sona was intelligent and arrogant, Pahul used to live with his married sister. Romila was a beautiful girl but she had a disability in her leg. Montu lost his mother when he was a kid. He often looked clumsy with neglect. They often forgot everything whenever they were at play. One day they planned to go to play at the outskirts of their town. Romila couldn’t go along with them because she went to doctor with her father. The children were playing near the pond. They searched some mussels and conch shells from the sand found in the bank of pond . Then they washed the conch shells and placed in the sun to dry . When they were getting dried a spectrum of seven coloured light came out. Their eyes were blazed and they were rubbing their eyes. Lo! A beautiful lady was standing infront of them . They were mesmerized to behold her. They asked her , ” Who are you?” She replied, ” I am Vaishnavi, a divine power. ” I live in the conch shells. I use to come out when someone who is innocent cleans them.Don’t be afraid of me. ” ” I love you dear children. I can fulfill your any wish.” Listening his words Montu’s eyes were full of pearls. ” She asked , ” What do you want little one?” Montu replied, ” I miss my mother very much. I want to meet her.” Vaishnavi blessed her by showering her magic . All of a sudden his mother emerged from no where and hugged Montu. Montu slept in her lap. After some time wind blew and four friends were left alone. Neither there was Vaishnavi not Montu’s mother. They were wondering whether they had seen any dream of it was a magic. They came back to their homes and were restless whole night. Next day when they met with Romila they told her everything.


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  1. This story is really nice and sends chills down my spine , but at the same time it’s rib tickling. The author must have put great efforts in writing the story. I would be delighted if others also leave a good remark. The story is a perfect example of fictional story.

  2. Satendra Bhadoriya says:

    Such a mind blowing story helped me to refresh my mind. After a long time… such a good story. Looking forward to see more.

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