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An old man, A mongoose and A snake(Nagamma)

An Oldman, A Mongoose, and a Snake (Nagamma)

At the beginning of the story, a farmer are discussing with his children the losses that were getting from their cultivation. So they decided to convert the land into a fish tank. To do that, they have to cut down the tree which is middle of their land. But they hardly notice there was a huge snake hole beside the tree. so they were frightened to cut the tree.

The next day, an old man and his sons bought the machinery to cut down the tree and dig the ground. When the machinery is about to cut the tree, an old snake is suddenly exposed to the outside and pleads the old man that she is an old snake and her life is about to end because of her weakness.

His religious beliefs towards the Naga devata deity led him to accept her request and name the snake “Nagamma”. Later, the old man changed his mind about the snake hole and decided to leave it undisturbed. When cultivating the land, the old man has to walk to the field every day.

Nagamma and Oldman have become good friends; their friendship has grown stronger. The old man shares his thoughts and wishes too. This makes the other snakes got angry. To convince the Nagamma, other snakes try to convince her, but she does not listen.

Thus, the snakes gathered and decided to bite the old man’s family.

As usual, the snake waits for his arrival, but he does not show up. So she decided to find the old man’s family home. Of sudden, the snake was stunned by looking at the reclining members of the old man’s family. It was understood by her that her fellow snakes had bitten them.

Consequently, she reluctantly approaches the palace of snakes and asks them to undo and revive the old man’s family. It turned out that the snakes were furious and refused to help her. Nagamma was unable to undo the venom in the old man’s body. After that, she got a very dangerous idea, since snakes and mongooses are at odds with each other. It seems to Nagamma that going there would result in her death.

Her destination, however, was a place surrounded by mongooses. Nagamma asked for an antidote to keep the old man’s family alive. All the Mongooses were shocked and thought it was a trick to kill us. It is loud as mongooses shout: “Go away, go away, we have been enemies for centuries and you have never been able to defeat us.”.At last, Mongooses would like to make a deal with the Nagamma that is, if she gets an antidote, then she should lose the pearl on her head. She obeys the mongooses deal. Nagamma and the two mongooses headed toward the old man’s house with the antidote.

Then after all this, the old man’s family revived from the snake’s bite with the antidote of mongooses. After that, the snake turns towards her own house for the last time. He is conscious and asks the mongooses, “Where is my Nagamma?”. One of the mongooses replied that the snake had gone into her house. The old man followed the snake and saw it cry. He asked her why, but the snake doesn’t reply to the snake.

After some moments, the tree beside the snake’s hole replied to the old man about the whole situation. With tears in his eyes, the old man fell beside the snake’s hole.

He denied the snake’s deal with the Mongooses and said that he gave up his life. However, the snake nodded her head to sign, “NO, I have to”. Nagamma crawled toward the mongoose’s place instead of listening to his words. Two mongooses guarded her in a way that brought her to their (mongoose place) place.

He said that he also went with her. So both Oldman and Nagamma walked toward the mongoose’s place. While these three are way out, a few snakes surrounded them and walk them towards the snake’s palace (where all types of snakes are stayed and get nourished). After a few moments, They were sent to the snake’s court and then hearings are about to start.

The hearing starts with a snake scolding the Nagamma for helping the old man (human) and it’s a huge mistake to help their(other snakes) enemy and also went upon their(other snakes) back to kill them all. The poor Nagamma said objections that she wasn’t doing that and said that her intentions are genuine, not a deceit.

And then those two mongooses start talking on the side of the Nagamma, what she’s doing and how she’s great?

Explained all the incidents to the Judge(snake). Those mongooses witnessed the Nagamma’s actions, sacrificing nature, and praised the Nagamma among the members of the snake’s palace. The judge(snake) is impressed by the praisings of Mongooses. finally, all the other snakes realized that Nagamma is really a goddess who brings peace to all of us. Then the case is dismissed and sent on its way. Both Mongooses, Nagamma, and an old man again on their way to the Mongoose’s place.

after arriving at that place, the other Mongooses get frightened to see the old man and scold him that the snake is not trustworthy. but the old man interferes and says good words about the Nagamma and how their friendship bond gets strong. The old man said the whole story about his being bitten by the snakes. And he finally agreed that this snake is trustworthy and a helper. The two mongooses also testify about the Nagamma. The other Mongooses were shocked by the old man’s words and the two Mongooses.

This led to the Mongooses being convinced not to take her life. Despite that, the Nagamma had great respect among the Mongooses, and other snakes were humiliated right from the beginning. At last, Nagamma held a great position in the palace of snakes.

Nagamma helped the old man’s family by giving him antidotes. Throughout his life, the old man sold snake bite medicine and lived happily with his family.

Moral of the story:

It emphasizes friendship’s power in the story.

True friendship is about sacrificing each other and trusting each other for the greater good of the other.

EGO kills the friendship but SACRIFICING the EGO would help you get a good position just like the Nagamma in the story.

A friendship must be regardless of race, tribe, religion, color, country, education, etc

 Friendship is a borderless community that follows the principles of humanity and strives to make the world a better place to live in peace.

“Where enemies become friends, peace flows like a river”.

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