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It’s love too, isn’t it?

Dejected by her boyfriend’s acerbic comments, Tabassum felt as if a void had been created in her life. This time, her eyes refused to shed tears, yet her heart cried out silently. Understanding the futility of returning to a situation that only brought further pain, she decided to reach out to her best friend, Aakash, and pour out her heart to him. Aakash, the one who truly understood Tabassum like no one else, had a profound connection with her, despite their relatively short time knowing each other. It’s not the duration but the depth of understanding that matters!

Aakash, blessed with immense wealth, and Tabassum, hailing from a middle-class family, presented a stark contrast. Aakash, a heartthrob, exuded opulence, while Tabassum preferred simplicity with an air of elegance. Despite these subtle differences, a common thread bound them together – their inner beauty.

Aakash, who had never allowed any girl into his life for reasons known only to him, found solace in helping Tabassum, knowing she possessed a golden heart. In contrast, Tabassum, already carrying the burden of a broken heart, sought refuge in Aakash’s friendship.

Picking up her phone, Tabassum dialed Aakash’s number. As soon as he answered, she began to pour out her troubles, and Aakash, always ready to help, listened attentively as she spoke incessantly.

“Sweetie, listen… Utkarsh is the most unfortunate guy on this planet. He could have been the luckiest, but he chose otherwise. Don’t worry; there’s a gem waiting for you. Let time answer certain things on your behalf,” reassured Aakash.

Hearing these comforting words from Aakash made Tabassum heave a sigh of relief.

Aakash and Tabassum’s paths crossed when she visited his NGO for the intellectually disabled. A big shot in the industry, Aakash was touched by Tabassum’s simplicity and magnanimity as she hugged and treated the inmates as her own family. It seemed like fate had destined their meeting that day, leaving Aakash feeling lucky to have crossed paths with her.

He felt that Tabassum was the one he had always yearned for. However, he decided to give it some time, not because he was unsure, but because he wanted to delve deeper into Tabassum’s inner beauty.

As of now, Tabassum saw her best friend in Aakash, a sweet and simple girl unaware of what destiny had in store for her. Love, as depicted in this story, doesn’t always demand hasty confessions; sometimes, good things need time to unfold, right? Just like Aakash, waiting for the right moment to confess his feelings. It’s love too, isn’t it?


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  1. Wonderful Story. Speechless.
    Words are not enough to justify how good this story is. Overwhelming.
    The way author put up the events is something to mention. And the selection of words are too good.

  2. Pushkal Singh says:

    Truly it is love ❤️❤️

  3. Divya Gupta says:

    Awesome 💯

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