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The Mage

It’s an story of mage who fights through the world with his first student (a friend) to make way back home after a Mana disaster.

It’s a small village named Peri. A child was born named Rudy. A family of swordsman named Paul and an ordinary mage named Sofia accompanied by maid named Lily. The boy Rudy was little mischievous and was genius. He started reading and learning magic at 2 years, and at the age of 3 he can cast intermidiate level of magic. As Paul and Sofia learned his magic skill, they were taken aback at the promise they made before Rudy was born. The promise that, ‘If boy is born then they will teach him sword skills and if it’s girl they teach her magic. But there plan went wild when Paul got to know Rudy likes casting magic and doesn’t want to learn sword skills. Eventually, they considered and came to conclusion that Rudy will learn magic in first half of the day and will learn sword skills in evening. Therefore, a mage was called named Roxy, who will teach him magic. In 3 years Rudy learned advanced level of magic and was able to cast magic without saying any incantation. Rudy became an advanced level water mage who can cast spell without incantation. He graduated as fine advanced level water mage.

Year passed by Rudy became a teacher of 8years old Eris, the young lady of Whales Kingdom. The young lady Eris is a kind of sister to him as Rudy’s father Paul is Eris father’s cousin. Paul actually left the Whales Kingdom as he is not interested in being the King of Whales. Rudy taught Eris and her only knight Kilayen about magic and in return they taught him sword, even though he got only two silvers for teaching Eris. Eventually, the time came for Eris and Kilayen to give their final exam. They went to open grassland area. While Rudy performing his spell as he have to show them the incantation of the spell to graduate, the sky turn dark and the sudden blast of mana transfered Eris and Rudy to Demon world.

The dark gloomy surrounded with hills, mountains and demons of every types. Rudy and Eris wre safed by a demon named Rujered. He saved them and prepared meal for them. After spending some time with him Rudy started to trust him as Rujered has being doing well for him but Eris still don’t trust him that much to continue her adventure journey. Rudy and Rujered planned their way back to Rudy’s hometown Peri. They started their journey next day and they travel all over to the trading land of demon world where all sort of creatures exists and trade by slaying dragons, globins etc., to uplift their level in adventure. Therefore, Rudy also suggested that they should also make themselves the part of the adventure team and named it Dead End. They quickly made their way to best adventures team. The Dead End became a team of a mage, a sword girl and a demon. They fighted all the way slaying strong big demons, dragons, globins. They became famous as the mage who can do silent incantation. As the time passes they all became close friends Eris learned sword skills from Rujered and magic from Rudy. As for Rujered he learned lot about the human emotions and thoughts manners before doing anything.

They travelled to trading land of demons to get access to adventures card and the source of money. They quickly rose to best level and were famous as Dead End. They proved themselves among demons that they can survive and also kill dragons and goblins and can do magic in advanced level without incantation.

That continues their journey which make them close friends. While crossing the icy mountains. They incounter with the Dragon King, the second powerful king, after Man God. They got into fight where all three of Dead End were defeated and were last as dead. The reason was that the Man God inside Rudy after his reincarnation. Dragon King and Man God they both have been in fight for ages which have affected many people and creatures too. After almost killing them the Dragon King’s partner heals them. After resting for hours they continued their way to the Gracie Kingdom, the land of cats.

On the way, Dead End saved some Gracie Kingdom’s pet and some teenage girls from underground slave trade. But was mistaken as the slave traders because of which Rudy was thrown in Gracie Kingdom’s prison. Not long after his imprisonment the real bandits came and destroyed the kingdome taking that as a chance Rudy escaped. As his good heart he helped them catching them and saving the Gracie Kingdom’s pride. Till then Eris and Rujered came and team Dead End was reunited. They all spend rainy day in cat land. They all learned their language and surprisingly Kilayen was from their tribe and is sister of their general. The rainy day truned into autumn days and their parting time came. They cried their heart out but Dead End have to continue their journey to reunite with their families.

After the journey of more than 2 years they reached the human land the Rubi country and got to know that the mana explosion has teleported many people to different locations where some are found, some are dead and some are still missing.

They all rested for a day and searched for the jobs they can do to earn money. While wandering the streets Rudy met with his dad who was staying Rubi country now for 2years with his sister and Sofia, Lily and his other sister are teleported and he is searching for tham but no clue was found. After reunited with dad he gave him some money and written letter through which he can go anywhere.

Now team Dead End, started their journey again and went to Peri. Now, Peri is only a grassland, he went back to all the memories he had in Peri, how he learned magic and grew up with smile. From there Rujered wanted to complete the journey alone and explore everything.

The friendship they built remained forever and the team Dead End was ended. Now Eris and Rudy went to Whales Kingdom, where everything was destroyed and head of the Whales Kingdom was beheaded for mana explosion. Eris’s parents were dead which was confirmed by Kilayen. To built the Whales Kingdom, Eris’s bulter proposed the idea of marring the king of Northern lands. But Kilayen was against it even Rudy. As for Eris she struggled to overcome the fact but finally she made decision of continuing the journey with Kilayen and leaving Rudy behind. Next day she paced up to travelled with Rudy.

Eris explained to Kilayen that Rudy is everything to her- friend and family. But don’t want to put all the burden on his shoulders as he has sacrificed many things to protect her and bring her safe to Whales. Now, she wants to do something for him and for that she has to learn every possible thing.

After departure of Eris, Rudy went to depression the only friend he had who has cried for his life, who played with him and taught him sword and many toughness of life. Now, what should he do without her?

What do you think will Rudy able to met Eris?

Will he able to find his family who where teleported to different palces?

Or, will be stay depressed that his one and only best friend left him to learn more?

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