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dovey and dove dovey and dove There was a blue cock pigeon we name it dove and a green hen pigeon whom we fondly name dovey.happily they lived with their two squeakers in a lush green neem tree.they loved and cared a lot for their tiny squabs. at dawn when cool breeze flowed from the east they would fly out together to feed themselves and taking turns to bring some seeds and worms to feed their peeping young ones. when they dozzed off their tiny bellies filled the dove would tilt his tender neck a couple of times once the right and once the left to marvel at his dovey and their future. at dusk in the evening they would come back to their neem tree, dove following the dovey.but, one day at sunset dove did not come back home.dovey for once thought dove must be hanging about with its fellow pigeons but when there was no sight of him,it was very worried for the dove and their young ones in the nest who had still not opened their eyes. it had a restless night and could not sleep in the night.v early in the morning when dovey after feeding the babies, perched itself on a branch waiting to fly out she saw a wide eyed dove flying back to her with few worms in its beak for the nest.sternly she asked dove where it was in the night.the dove ,after putting the worms in the nest for dovey to feed to thrir squeakers, said an eagle chased it when it was coming save itself it had to hide in a mango tree for the night.dove ,still fearful, said it will stay in the neem that day or lest the eagle might find it.dovey consoling the dove through eyes said listen my dear dove it is not going to work.merely because there are eagles or other predators out there in the skies we will leave flying out and stop doing our daily chores and our duty to our young ones.eagles do their work let us do our part.encouraged by dovey, dove shed its fear so much so that a made two rounds of 8 with babies making cries of joy. and cooing together they flew out once again to the azure sky to start a new day with a lot of hopes of tomorrow in their bright and black small round eyes. ©️ sandeep arora,63 132 mahaveer colony badgaon 313011 9636690287 dear editor zorba books kindly edit it for grammer & punctuations etc keeping the story,its essence intact.
dovey and dove  There was a blue