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A 2 Adventure Diaries

by Anishika and Anshu


ISBN 978-93-88497-28-2
Languages English
Pages 66
Cover Paperback


Children’s Book – A 2 Adventure Diaries

Growing up is never easy for anyone. As much as childhood is filled with joy and happiness, it is also a struggle. The following collection of stories contain
inspiring messages for children and adults alike. Written by a young girl and her cousin, the stories relate to the experiences of their grandparents and relatives. ‘Passage to Prosperity’ talks about the tough childhood experienced by Anishika’s grandfather. ‘A ghost following Anshu’s Grandmother’ teaches the reader to have the presence of mind and certainty of belief. ‘Pet’s Delight’ encourages children to develop sensitivity and kindness towards animals. These stories are simple, yet effective. They take the reader into a world without facilities and amenities. Despite the obvious lack of ease and comfort in the lives of the characters, these stories teach the readers to have courage and never to give up. Join Anishika and Anshu on an unforgettable and delightful journey through villages, forests, farms and fields!



About the Authors

Anishika is the pen name of a child author who is 10 years old and lives in a small town. She has been engaged in creative activities since her childhood, be it traditional creative activities like mehendi art or rangoli or cooking or be it educational ones such as creating writing and video making. She is very interested in photography and wants to grow up to undertake a creative profession such as film making. Anishika is also very good in sport especially athletics and has a decent sportsman spirit when it comes to playing sports in a team such as volleyball.

Anshu,  a pen name of the child co-author, is also a very creative and intelligent sibling and teammate of Anishika who enjoys undertaking creative missions, be it playing games or writing a book. Anshu lives in Gurgaon and studies in Kunskapsskolan. He enjoys horse riding, cricket and football as extra curricular activities and is receiving coaching in these sports. He has been involved in children theatre activities as well.




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