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An Anthology from a Poet’s Desk mother and daughter’s treasure of poems

by Alifya Basrai and Zahra Anwar


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ISBN 978-93-90011-16-2
Languages English
Pages 156
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  1. Short English Poems

A mother-daughter duo who embarked on this journey of writing poems over a year now. Initially for both, it was just a bit of scribbling, but the words would emerge as poetry.

We would like to take our readers through a roller coaster ride of poetry and not stories this time. Poetry that ranges from love, life, relationships, mathematics, heritage etc. Our attempt has been to put the best words in the best order. We never knew what the end was, when we started writing poems. However, we knew that we had to write, coz for us our emotions and thoughts had found words to express.

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About the Author

Alifya Basrai is an ex-banker with over ten years of experience in the banking industry and is currently running her own travel company, “The Golden Gate Travel S PTE Ltd.” She embarked on a journey of writing poems after getting inspired by her nine-year-old daughter. Being a voracious reader herself, she has ventured into reading different types of books ranging from non-fiction to religion and philosophy.

She loves to call herself a homemaker for 25 hours a day (an extra hour is always beneficial). She has been writing poems for over a year now and has more than forty poems in her collection, ranging from life, nature, women, relationships, etc. This is the first time she is publishing a compilation of her poems, along with her daughter’s collection.

Zahra Anwar is an eleven-year-old studying in Grade VII of Tagore International School, Vasant
Vihar – Delhi. Reading books is an activity that she undertakes each day as that relaxes her mind and helps her enter a dream-like world. She is a fan of Geronimo Stilton and JK Rowling, the Harry Potter series. Her favourite subject, Mathematics, inspires her to write poetry. She wishes to take her readers into an imaginary world through her poems.


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