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English Text Book

English Lab Book 1

by Shalini Gupta & Paromita Banerjee


ISBN 978-93-88497-37-4
Languages English
Pages 98
Cover Paperback


English Lab is an English text book for 6-7 year olds, of new India – creative, innovative, confident and progressive. It encompassess:

i. integrated education in the true sense.
ii. encourages critical thinking.
iii. promotes independent thinking.
iv. Indianised content for the Indian child so he can relate to it.
v. graded carefully – moves from easy to difficult.
vi. aims to make learning to read and write enjoyable.
vii. focuses on eye hand co-ordination.
viii.promotes learning through observing.
ix. grammar as per syllabus.
x. aims to build life-long competencies in children.
xi. designed to help children to perform better on platforms like olympiad.

About the Authors

Shalini has over 10+ years of experience. Initially teaching and later designing course content to improve learning outcomes in leading schools across Mumbai and Delhi. Having achieved success, she has used the learning and insights that she has gained in the development of an English text book for 6-7 year olds.

Paromita has been a primary school teacher for the last eighteen years. Her love for children along with her passion for teaching often made her experiment with different styles of pedagogy. Her success with some of these approaches led her to incorporate these in the book – English Lab.


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