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Adventure in North Pole – An adventure story book for children

by Arjit Jha


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ISBN 978-93-88497-86-2
Languages English
Pages 170
Cover Paperback
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An adventure story book for children 8-15 years old

A man dies under mysterious circumstances. After his death, his wife remarries but her sons, Antonio and Jayden, find it difficult to bond with their step-father. They tolerate him on account of their mother. They do not want anyone to try and take their father’s place. Frustrated with the situation, their mother decides to send all of them on a trip together so they can bond. The only reason Antonio and Jayden agree to go on the trip is, that they will get to ride in a helicopter. But the helicopter never reaches its destination. No one knows its location. No one knows whether anyone on the helicopter has made it alive. Elsewhere, five archaeologists are abducted and taken to a secret location.
Who has abducted the archaeologists?
Are all these events in adventure to the north pole, connected?
Will Antonio and Jayden make it back alive?
This is a story of how an ordinary trip turns into an extraordinary adventure.
Promote reading, imagination, creativity with this book of an extraordinary adventure story book, an adventure to the north pole, and conquering difficult situations.
Author talks about impact of writing a book on children, in this video

About the Author

Arjit Jha is the author of this adventure story book.  Arjit has participated in many sports events and loves cricket and table tennis. This is his first book. He is 12 years old and loves reading adventure novels and sci-fi and fiction novel. This he thinks has contributed to his skill of adventure and creative story telling. Amulet Set is his favorite novel. He studies in class VII in Delhi Public School. His older brother Aharnish Jha  studies in Class 9. Rajeev K. Jha and Mamta Jha are his parents.

Video in which parent of Arijit, express their views on the journey to publish a book.


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