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Living with Special Abilities – A parent’s journey with autism

by Afroze Jahan


ISBN 9789388497176
Languages English
Pages 282
Cover Paperback


 ‘LIVING WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES- A Parent’s Journey with Autism’ is a book which embraces the author’s personal experiences as a parent of a child with special needs and as a professional.

                   This book on children with special abilities has been written keeping in mind the difficulties faced by children with various disabilities and their parents, while going through several phases of life. Most of the issues which are discussed here are commonly found in almost all childhood disabilities. Autism Spectrum Disorder has been taken as a base to explain the problems you may encounter while bringing up children with special abilities. Various tests and trials have been discussed based on personal experiences. Some instances which are heart-rending and distressful have also been discussed. To create an awareness among readers of the possible difficulties in the different phases of the life of a child with special abilities. All the issues and instances discussed are accompanied with explanations. There may be other ways of handling the problems encountered. The author believes that sharing her own experiences may light a candle in the lives of parents, of special children. This may motivate them and help them gather sticks to ignite a fire which will bring acceptance and involvement. It will enlighten their minds, which in turn would create a positive environment around them. Author’s research outcome and case studies have been discussed to throw light on facts of a special world. Stories of parents with special children are also given. The author believes this book may also serve as a source for sensitization of the general public.

Watch a video of the author as she talks about the book. 

About the Author

Afroze Jahan is first of all, a mother of two boys who are striving to achieve their milestones of adolescent years and secondly, a professional in the field of mental health. As a budding author and a parent of a special child she has a slew of ideas to pass on to the parents who stand in need of guidance. Her passion to help the parents and children led her to change her profession from a Microbiologist to a Psychologist; Mental Health Professional. This helped her refine her skills and confidently handle diverse situations in life. By sharing her experiences as a special parent, she intends to provide a soothing and comfortable environment for those parents who feel they are the only one in the whole world to face disability in life. She has specialized in child and adolescent issues, childhood disabilities, family issues, emotional issues, behavioural issues, educational issues, etc. She is currently empanelled as a Counsellor in the Ministry of Women and Child Development (Govt. of NCT of Delhi) and working as a Psychologist with an NGO- Tamana Autism centre. She has also worked with Udaan- an NGO working with special children and NIPCCD- National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

12 reviews for Living with Special Abilities – A parent’s journey with autism

  1. Irfan Mohammed

    A great book with the concept of social motivation

  2. Irfan Mohammed

    Truly a good way to approach towards special children.

  3. Rekha Yadav

    Very nice book and subject is handled with love and care . It too shows writer’s dedication towards society and children specially.

  4. Siraj

    Brilliant book which provides an insight and various approach we can take towards special children. Can’t praise the author enough for providing her personal experience and sharing it with everyone who needs it. This book isn’t just based on a writer’s point of view but also that of a mother’s. It portrays a mother’s love towards her children.

  5. Neha bhardwaj

    It is a very good book .. Got to learn a lot .. Life should be accepted in every situation..

  6. Shabana Ajaz

    This is the best book I have read for parents of special needs kids. It is raw, emotive, loving, hard. It gives the readers a real window into the emotional lives of these parents, their ordeals and triumphs. I have read other books on disabilities and found this one the most honest and a mother’s personal experience. There’s no teacher like mother, she comes in different forms sometimes very soft and sometimes strict depending upon her partners approach just to balance the parenting scale. The big idea is to give the best to her child. This book speaks so well of those times from denial to acceptance as well as
    how and what hardships she had to go through, between her normal child’s development to a special child’s needs is truly inspirational. The Author is expressing her thoughts to other parents that they
    are not alone in this journey of fears and feelings. I am going to give a copy to my friend who’s in similar situation to help her understand what the partners go through during the process of bringing up special child.

  7. Tashmin Kaur Sidhu

    The book is a multi-purpose narrative weaved from the perspectives of a doting mother, a psychologist and a budding author.

    It is a celebration of undying spirits. It lends Daanu and all other people with special abilities wings to fly.

  8. Ferozuddin

    This book gives great motivation to those mothers who are making great efforts for their special childern, because the author of this book herself is taking care of and it indicates her commitment towards such childern in the society. It is excellent book she explained very well how to handle them with love and affection. It’s worth having such book to the parents in general and parents of special child in particular.

  9. S M Farhath

    A great effort by the author who her self is mother, she entrusted how to handle special children with love and care. This book actually very useful to those mothers to understand the behaviour of such children. A fantastic work by the author.


    Author has given truly in depth understanding about special needs of differently abled children.Its a beautiful transmission of practical experience and tips for rearing such kids.

  11. Mukti Jain

    This book about special children it’s purely heart touching. Rightly said by the Author these children need our EMPATHY not SYMPATHY.
    Author has put her heart and soul in this book.Absolutely tremendous.

  12. Mohammed Nooruddin

    The author starts with the following phrase.
    Bringing up a child with a disability can be challenging and often those challenges feel like a strong tidal wave coming our way, threatening us to lose balance and fall. And as parents we stand firm.
    This alone inspires any parent.

    And the authors well put concept of children with special needs rather than special children, And how to be a parent of those children, giving anecdotes from his/her experience is what makes this book a good read.

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