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Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava 1 stories for children

by Shreedarshan K.


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ISBN 9789390011667
Languages English
Pages 72
Cover Paperback
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Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava, Indian stories for children.

How did Sri Ram get the name ‘Ramchandra?’

Why did Kumbhakarana sleep for so long?

Why was Arjuna the best warrior?

This collection of mythical tales has all the answers. These stories for children take the reader into the wonderful world of gods and goddesses, sadhus and saints, warriors, kings and devotees. Every story highlights the rich cultural heritage of our land, which is a must-read for every growing child, teenager and adult alike. The collection brings together diverse tales from many different parts of India. They will both entertain children, and teach them important lessons about faith and devotion.

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About the Author

Shreedarshan K is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He has been teaching Undergraduate and Post Graduate students with an experience of about 14 years. He also regularly visits schools to give guest lectures on Science and Mathematics. Over the years he has developed a keen interest in storytelling for children. He is also an accomplished Carnatic vocalist. He is also involved in promoting Indian classical music and art forms, culture and traditions through his association with schools in Bangalore.


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