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The Race

The Race

by Bibek Mallik


E-Book Price ₹99 / $2.99

ISBN 978-93-5896-671-8
Languages English
Pages 102
Cover Paperback
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It’s King Leo’s birthday. In the forest, a grand race has been organised. The race is to celebrate the ever-lasting friendship between Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Rabbit. They had once raced together. That was a long time ago. The new race is among the most ferocious, clever and fastest animals: Bear, Deer, Dog, Elephant, Giraffe, Horse and Panther. King Leo himself is in attendance. The whole jungle is watching. To win, the participants are openly dishonest, disloyal and selfish. There are lives at stake and reputations at risk. The winner will take it all. How far and how low will someone go to win and what does it really mean to win?


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