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Higher Education in India

Andragogical Interventions

by Krishna Nath Pandey, Ph. D & Satish Chandra


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Andragogical Interventions

Higher Education in India


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Statement of the Problem
1.2 Research Objectives
1.3 Research Gaps
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Scope of the Study
1.6 Significance of the Study
1.7 Organization of the Research
Chapter 2 Context
2.1 Key Concepts of Flipped Learning
Pedagogy and Its Evolvement
2.1.1 Historical Background
2.1.2 The Concept of Flipped Learning
2.1.3 Misconceptions about Flipped Learning
2.2 Theoretical Frameworks

2.3 Rising Interest in Flipped Learning Pedagogy
2.3.1 Research Studies on the Effects of Flipped Learning
2.3.2 Motivations to Apply Flipped Learning in
Higher Education
2.3.3 Challenges and Barriers Faced in Flipped Learning
2.5 Pedagogical Framework and Course Design
for Flipped Learning
2.6 Factors Impacting the Adoption of
the Flipped Classroom
2.7 Strategies for Successful Implementation of
Flipped Learning
2.8 Flipped Learning Use in Higher Education in
India – Current Status and Challenges
2.9 Conceptual Framework of Flipped Learning in
the Indian Context
Chapter 3 Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design
3.1.1 Study Area
3.1.2 Data Sources
3.1.3 Rapid Appraisal Methodology
3.1.4 Questionnaire Survey
3.2 Unit of Analysis
3.3 Data Collection and Tools
3.3.1 Case Study of JIS College of Engineering,
Kalyani, India
3.3.2 Interviews with Key Informants
3.3.3 Focus Group Discussion.
3.3.4 Questionnaire Survey, Sample Size, and Reliability

Chapter 4 Findings and Analysis
4.1 Application of Flipped Learning Pedagogy in
Higher Education in India
4.1.1 Findings and Observations from a Visit
to a College in India .
4.1.2 Findings from the Interviews
4.1.3 Findings from the Focus Group Discussion
4.2 Key Drivers for the Adoption of Flipped Learning
4.2.1 Findings and Descriptive Analysis Breakdown of Respondents Awareness of Flipped Learning Experience with Flipping a Course Educator Perspective on Students
in Flipped Learning Institutional Support Challenges to Flip Courses The Indian Context
4.2.2 Factor Analysis
4.3 Challenges Faced in Adoption of Flipped
Learning in Higher Education in India
4.3.1 Total Interpretative Structural Modeling Methodology for Challenges
Identification and Validation
4.3.2 TISM Methodology and Model Development
4.4 Framework for Effective Implementation of
Flipped Learning in Higher Education in India

Chapter 5 Conclusion
5.1 Findings and Recommendations
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Policy Recommendations and Actions for
Indian Higher Education Institutes
5.4 Future Research


K.N Pandey
He is currently President and Vice Chancellor of SunRise University Alwar after his innings as President of He is known by his nickname Polymath Pandey in the circles of academia and management. Prof. Pandey has a wider viewership well beyond 2 millions and counting on Quora. His career spans from UN to Indian Bureaucracy to the Corporate World.
The following are the titles of his books:
1. Paradigms of Knowledge Management.
2. Contemporary Conviviality of Trade Unionism
3. Trajectory of Transmission for Renewable Energy
4. Bodacious Human Capital
5. Dynamics of Investment
6. Fragmented Cognition
7. Foreboding of Females
8. Bohemian Behaviour
9. Skilling the Nonprofits.

Books by K N Pandey

Satish Chandra

He had graduated in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Jamshedpur and started his career as EET in NTPC. Initially worked as Technical professional in the areas of planning, monitoring, engineering and execution of Projects for 15 years and the switched over to HR-Administration at Corporate Centre where he was facing challenges day in day out. Thus, he became a workaholic. He succeeded there for a pretty longer period by satisfying the requirement of PowerGrid
improving/Transforming various processes and formulating policies . He had been elevated to the position of Executive Director (HR) and continuing.
Mr. Chandra had contributed in all the areas of Human Resources and hence he took over as Co-author of this book due to his very high intellectual capital.




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