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Sustainable Management

Sustainability Management

by Dr. Deb Prasanna Choudhury


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Pages 578
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This book lays out sustainable management strategies, business practices, and execution for achieving responsible organizational goals.

Sustainable Management Practices is perhaps the most important term in the area of management today and indeed in all areas of organizational survival and progress as well as its influence on the environment and society at large. Sustainability in business is relevant to all levels of human .activity, from the global to the national, regional, community, organizational, and individual levels. The Harvard Business Review compared what it called the “Sustainability Imperative” to other game-changing business megatrends of the past generation. Sustainability in management practices is different from the environmental movement alone in that it recognizes economic and social imperatives too. This book is unique as it presents impacts of sustainability but organizational sustainability from the aspect of being able to meet its mission, vision, and objectives responsibly and managing the risks and governance issues while being held accountable by its stakeholders. This book provides a global perspective on sustainability and therefore, provides ample examples and cases to demonstrate the benefits of practising sustainability which is relevant and applicable in the global as well as Indian context. The sustainability books that are in the market today address certain specific areas of sustainability, however; this is a comprehensive book on sustainable business practices and applies sustainability to most areas of management. Sustainability management also addresses the seventeen United Nations sustainable development goals.

How this book on sustainability and management, can the book help graduate and postgraduate students? Few graduates of business schools, as well as sustainability professionals, are given the tools to manage organizations of any type sustainably. This book addresses and fills this gap adequately. The book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in sustainability management as a textbook as well as a reference book for practitioners and professionals of sustainability.

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About the Author

Dr. Deb Prasanna Choudhury has been working in the areas of project and supply chain management for over 30 years in the oil & gas, construction and service industries and held numerous senior management positions.
Dr. Choudhury is also a professor of MBA, ACCA and CIPS programs in various universities in UAE and India. While his postgraduate study on organizational sustainability at Harvard University (USA) prepared him and brought appreciation about sustainability advantages, it is his practices of sustainable management in his own organization and profession which helped him to experience first-hand the tremendous scope and benefits of sustainability management. He has used his extensive academic knowledge and practical professional experience in running both profit and non-profit organizations in writing this book.

Dr. Choudhury has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering, a Bachelor degree in Economics, a Master degree in Business Administration, a Master degree in law, a Doctorate degree in Business Administration, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management, a Doctor of Medicine degree in Alternative Medicine and a postgraduate qualification is sustainability from Harvard University. He is also a professional corporate member of the following:
Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
Fellow of the Institute of Directors
Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dr. Choudhury has been a recipient of many awards and honours such as “Glory of Bengal” award, “TATA Inspire” award and a road has been named after him called the “Dr. Deb Prasanna Choudhury Road” in Bolpur, India.


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