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Leech therapy and modern surgery

Leech Therapy & Modern Surgery

by Dr. Manzoor Ahmed


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Leech Therapy & Modern Surgery

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad is working as an Associate Professor at Z.V.M.Unani Medical College and Hospital, Azam Campus, Pune. He is also working as the Consultant Surgeon and has performed numerous surgeries. He has received the Ibne Sina
NATIONAL AWARD at an international conference at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in 2018. He has presented many research papers and delivered expert lectures in various National; international Conferences and Seminars. Leech therapy is a keen area of his interest and he is practising it for the last few years.

The present book “The Leech Therapy and Modern Surgery” covers most of the available knowledge based on various researches regarding leech and its therapy; it also contains Indications such as plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, ENT, Ischemic heart diseases, method of practice of leech therapy with adverse effects and contraindications. In other words, the book is a guide to practice Leech therapy, especially in the field of Surgery. This book will definitely help practitioners to practice Leech Therapy.

Unani Medicine has various rituals by which patients are treated. Leech therapy is one of the important amongst them. It was practiced in European countries also. However, it was relegated to back benches as there are not many authoritative books on this subject. I am happy that Dr. Manzoor Ahmad has undertaken a step in this direction and written a very well researched book on this topic, which includes his own experience of leech therapy.

Dr. Nasir Y. Kazi
M.D., F.I.C.A.(USA)

The Practitioners, Teachers and students of medicine will definitely be benefited from this book, and use this detailed book for their Medical practice and further researches in the field of indigenous system of medicine. I am sure that this effort of Dr. Manzoor Ahmad will give a good status in the Academic field. It will
be an asset to the research scholars for their research work especially in field of leech therapy.

Prof. Anis Ismail
M.B.B.S., M.S. (General Surgery)
Professor D/O Surgery & senior consultant Surgeon
AKTibbiya (Medical) College, AMU,Aligarh

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  1. Zorba Books

    I am sure the physicians and the students of Unani Medicine
    will find this book very useful. They will give a very good response to
    this first book of Dr. Manzoor Ahmad. I hope it will set an example
    for other teachers in many Unani Medical Colleges all over India to
    venture in writing books on various topics in Unani Medicine. This
    will fulfill a very big need of Unani fraternity.
    So I wish Dr. Manzoor Ahmad all the best in his efforts in writing
    this and many more books in future. May Allah the Almighty fulfill
    his mission of propagation of knowledge, as early as possible and as
    best as possible. Aamin.

    Dr. Nasir Y. Kazi
    M.D., F.I.C.A.(USA)

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