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Concepts in Neurosurgery

by Dr. P K upadhyay, Dr. Tiwary G, Kritika U and Kartikeya U


ISBN 9789390640713
Languages English
Pages 222
Cover Paperback


This book discusses some concepts in Neurosurgery including important topics of head injury and its management and also growing skull fracture,  trans cranial Doppler and quality and standards in Neurosurgery by renowned author and Senior Neurosurgeon and Head of Department – Associate Professor Dr P K Upadhyay.

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About the Author

Dr P K Upadhyay is a renowned senior Neurosurgeon of more than 35 years of standing out of which almost 20 years as Head of the Department.

He is a multitalented personality. He amazed the world with his talent in writing , sports, music, cooking, gardening with tree plantations and love for nature and birds and animals to name a few from many of his other hobbies apart from his profession as Doctor, Surgeon and Neurosurgeon. He has written four books and has around 150 international and national publications to his credit.

He is an editor /editorial board member /reviewer/referee of ten international and national medical and Neurosciences journals.

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  1. Pankaj Kumar Upadhyay

    This is,1st Book of series, of books on concepts in Neurosurgery.
    Quality assurance and quality standards in Neurosurgery Grwing skull fracture
    . Head injury ,diffuse axonal injury
    Concept of decompressive cranectomy. Dysautonomia, and concept in transcranial doppler has been covered in detsil. Fetal surgery and spinabifeda has been started and will be covered in next book of the series.
    A unique book and concept for medical student and young Neusurgeons.

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